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Starting Out: 6 Restaurant Business Tips for Beginners


60% of restaurants don't make it past their first year. It's one of the toughest businesses to break into, yet people still keep trying and competition keeps growing.

Have you decided you want to open up a restaurant and wow the world with your ideas and food? Don't be intimidated by those failure numbers but rather get motivated to do it right.

Here are six crucial restaurant business tips to give you a roaring start in the culinary industry.

1. Create, Clarify and Commit to Your Concept

Figure out what kind of restaurant you want to build. A homey diner-style place, an eclectic experience, or a fine dining hot spot? If you have a unique idea, great - roll with it. If you're not really sure, then first spend time honing your concept so you have a clear direction.

2. Master Your Food

Once you've clarified your concept, you can start working on the cuisine and the menu. Whether you're hiring a chef or cooking yourself, become a master of your food before you even think of opening the restaurant doors.

This doesn't just mean cooking excellent food. It's about understanding how much stock you'll need so that you're never short or over, how to prep for a dinner rush, how to use leftover ingredients and so much more. Finding the best DSD services provider is an extremely important element of mastering your kitchen.

3. Know How to Run a Business

Many people are attracted to the glamor, the energy, and the buzz of the restaurant industry. What they forget is that it still runs like a business and you'll need to know how to keep it afloat. If you're wondering how to start a restaurant business plan, research thoroughly to cover all the less glamorous bases.

You need to understand, and be able to do, the administrative tasks. You'll be investing in equipment, hiring staff, handling costs, and orders. A little bit of business knowledge will go a long way.

4. Hire Great Staff & Take Care of Them

Everyone from your main chef to your waiters and dishwashers is the backbone of your restaurant. Select staff carefully, taking into consideration how many people you'll realistically need. Take your time to train staff members properly, especially waitstaff and floor managers who are the face of your business.

Once you've got a star staff lineup, be sure to treat them well. People work well in positive environments. Compensate your staff fairly, offer benefits when possible, and don't overwork anyone.

5. Get the Word Out & Don't Stop Marketing

Opening night is the most important night for any restaurant. You cannot open your doors and just expect customers to flood in without working hard to get them there. Use multiple channels to promote your restaurant for opening night and beyond.

You can't just rely on repeat customers. Ensure you have a solid web presence, with a good website and social media accounts. Host charity events or sponsor fundraisers, stay on top of trends, and never stop marketing.

6. Look After Customers

'The customer is always right' has never been so true than in the restaurant business. Even those that need to know how to start a restaurant with no experience, will know that keeping customers happy is crucial. This way you'll keep repeat customers and get a load of new ones via word of mouth.

Restaurant Business Tips for Success

Hopefully, you're feeling inspired by these restaurant business tips and ready to hit the ground running. Opening a restaurant is hard work, but taking these crucial elements into consideration will make it a tiny bit easier.

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