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What are the different stages of the tooth cavity and how are they treated then?

We all wish for good teeth. They not only added confidence to our personality rather gives a beautiful look to the shape of our face. Just like we take care of the rest parts of our body, teeth also need care so that they can remain healthy. Teeth help us in eating, chewing, and digesting the food.  Bacteria are produced by chewing food from teeth and keeping it in the mouth. An outer layer of bacteria and food is generated so that it is necessary to keep your mouth clean every time to reduce the infection. A cavity is a small hole in teeth which is responsible for its decay. It may happen due to several reasons:

·         Less brushing

·         Crack in tooth

·         distance between the teeth, etc.


When the infection in your mouth or cavity in the teeth increases and if they can’t well with home remedy then you should go to the dentist. They are the doctors who are specialised in all kinds of dental health. They treat the teeth using different equipment. There can be many reasons for tooth failure. Eating much sweet and drinks, any accidental injury, or some other reason may be a cause of teeth loss. In these cases, a dental implant is a better option in which an artificial tooth root is located into a jaw for tooth replacement or bridging. A dental implant is a surgical activity in teeth that support dental recovery operations like a crown, bridge, denture, etc. implantes dentales barcelona is famous in the world for their best services.


To keep your teeth healthy you should go to the dentist for regular check-up or take an alternative of home remedies. If you become careless with your teeth then in the future you may have to pay a lot for it. Two times brushing is good for teeth health. The treatments of the cavities are based on their stage. Dentists give the solution according to the particular situation.


These treatments include:

1.      Fluoride treatment: At the beginning stage of the cavity, fluoride is a good option to treat. It helps in restoring the enamel of your tooth. It few times inverse a cavity at the beginning stage. In the professional treatment of fluoride, it has more fluoride in comparison with tap water, toothpaste, and mouth solutions.
2.      Fillings: When the decay goes more than the beginning stage. To restore the tooth at its earliest form filling are done with different materials. These filings are prepared with the matching of your tooth colour that has multiple resins, porcelain or dental mixture.
3.      Crowns: Crowns are fitted at the stage when the tooth needs a permanent filling. It replaces the natural crown of the tooth which has deteriorated due to the cavity.
4.      Root canals: When the cavity reached the root of the tooth, a root canal is a better option to save teeth. It can save badly affected teeth.
5.      Tooth extraction: At the end when a dentist has no solution other than extract a tooth from mouth to save other teeth.
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