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Top Pregnancy Warning Signs Which you Should Not Ignore

Women tend to overlook the subtle signs during pregnancy which often culminates into difficult healthcare issues with unpleasant outcomes. Pregnancy complications are an irrefutable issue in India, as the report suggests around 44,000 women face fatal consequences due to pregnancy issues that are regarded as highly preventable.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a special phase and demands immense mental and physical strength from the mother. Matter of fact, this psyche is one of the most common reasons which lead women to ignore the early signs of complications during pregnancy. Internal bleeding and infections top the list of issues that pregnant women mostly face and often overlook. The costs involved in treating these issues are above the affordable for many and can pile to more than a Rs. 3 Lakh.

To avail all-inclusive financial assistance, women can opt for customised insurance policies such as pregnancy complications. These policies bear the burden of high expenditures during pregnancy. Women can use the sum assured to treat the pregnancy ailments and cut off the unanticipated financial strain.

Unusual pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy, apart from uncontainable joy, brings along a share of discomfiture for the mother. Women are advised never to overlook the warning bell when they face any of these symptoms mentioned below –
       Abdominal pain – Pain around the abdominal area lasting up to more than 5 - 10 days at a stretch is not a healthy sign. It can be a symptom of a complication where the embryo improperly attaches to the outer region of the uterus. This condition is known as ectopic pregnancy. It can be diagnosed with an ultrasound or CT scan, by understanding the position of the foetus.
Periodic tests and scans can add up to a sizable amount on the hospital bill. However, with pregnancy complication insurance coverage, the individual can easily reduce the financial hassle comfortably.
Bajaj Finserv offers easy to avail Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions such as the Pregnancy Complications Cover for substantial financial aid to handle hospital expenses for the required treatments.
       Blurred eyesight – Dissolving blurry images and temporary blackouts are early symptoms of gestational diabetes. In this type of situation, the glucose level in the blood rises suddenly and persists for the whole pregnancy period. Treatments to keep such issues at bay will require substantial finances.
       Jaw cramps and muscle spasms – Pregnant women are prone to tetanus infections that can cause them enduring jaw cramps lasting up to days and ultimately spreading and infecting the baby. A woman suffering from such infections can opt for easy-to-avail infection cover policy for the necessary financial assistance.
These maternity health insurance are introduced specially to cater to the financial needs and hassles of women during their pregnancy. With a simple application process and affordable premiums, one can easily avail Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions offered by Bajaj Finserv such as the Hospital Cash Cover for additional coverage of hospital charges.

If a woman faces any of these above mentioned signs, she should be rushed to a medical professional, preferably a specialist immediately. If these symptoms are left unattended they can lead to irreparable damage affecting both the baby and the mother. In order to cope up with the piling hospital charges, an individual can safely resort to pregnancy complications cover to avoid the added baggage of financial strain.
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