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Tips to get Natural Results While Using Botox

Botox is a safe procedure that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is highly requested by people of all ages. Aside from being used for cosmetic purposes, it is also used for other health concerns such as treating blepharospasm that affects the eyelid, chronic migraine and excessive sweating which is also referred to as hyperhidrosis. In addition to this, the procedure may also be used to treat certain muscular conditions, bowel and bladder disorders among others.

Types of The procedure and how it is used:

The name of the procedure is not only a brand name but also a type of neurotoxin on the market. The others that have been approved by the FDA include Dysport that was approved in 2009 and Xeomin that was approved in 2011.

The procedure can be performed on the forehead, around the eyes or even between the eyebrows. It blocks local nerve impulses and makes it impossible for one to make facial expressions eventually reducing the chances of one developing wrinkles. Generally, the procedure takes a minimum of three days and a maximum of seven days in order for it to be fully effective.

The doctor dealing with the procedure should ensure that the patient avoids alcohol for a minimum of one week before the procedure. Other measures that you should avoid include; not taking certain medications like aspirin, medicines that make the blood thinner, Ibuprofen and other generic forms like Motrin, Aleve, and Advil. In addition, you should also avoid taking Ginseng, Vitamin E, Omega 3 or fish oil, Ginko Biloba, and Excedrin among others.

Here are a few tips to consider when using the injection technique:

1. Always check the labels:

Each manufacturer has set a minimum saline-to-botulism ratio that needs to be adhered to. As a result, there are very few manufacturers of botulinum toxin. Therefore, it is important to follow the labels to the latter.

2. Observe minute details:

When it comes to the procedure, every detail is extremely important, therefore, never ignore any suspicious element. In addition to this, ensure that the alcohol that you use to sterilize the cap has evaporated before you make your injection serum. Furthermore, ensure that everything has been collected and organized well before the patient arrives.

3. Be careful with the dosage:

Every client is different and it is essential that you ensure that you measure the correct dosage for each one of them. Consider the gender of the patient when preparing the dosage as men tend to have larger muscles in comparison to women. Consequently, the dosage for the man will be different from that of a woman.

4. The Procedure's Needle:

Ensure that you choose the right needle for the procedure in order to manage the patient's pain. Therefore, you should use either a 31 or 32- gauge insulin needle. In addition to this, it should be short whenever possible. Check different pharmacies for it as it tends to be a single-use needle.

5. Watch the eyes:

The two most popular procedures include:

       Canthal lines

Regardless of the technique that will be used always ensure that you aim for the bevel tip. In addition to this, aim away from the eyes when administering the treatment to avoid infecting them.

6. Numb the Area:

Anesthesia is not required for the treatment, although the patient may suffer minor discomfort. Therefore, prior to administering the treatment, ensure that you numb the area with ice to reduce the pain that the patient will feel when injected. Regardless, of how small the needle is, ensure that you numb the area adequately.

7. Determine Patient's Suitability for the procedure:

Although anyone can undergo the procedure, it can always backfire if you are not suitable for it. Consequently, this can lead to serious side effects. Therefore, always examine the patient thoroughly before allowing them to go through this procedure. The doctor should ensure that they collect the patient's family history, medical history, and physical exams to determine their suitability. In addition, the medic should also consider advising them to go for other plastic surgery procedures if they are not suitable for it.

It's imperative that the dermatologists, surgeons, and physicians that deal with the procedure, learn the skills that are required to create a natural and youthful expression for your clients. Therefore, you must be armed with the knowledge of facial anatomy and have an artistic eye.

After the procedure, ensure that you follow the tips below to ensure that it is effective and successful:

       Never take any medications that may thin the blood or the other substances mentioned above
       Avoid consuming copious amounts of alcoholic beverages
       Never perform any exhausting physical activities
       Ensure that you don't perform any other related procedures to your body. This includes Microdermabrasion, facials, and chemical peels

In the event that you are not satisfied with the results, go back to the professional who performed it for touch-ups.

In addition, if you experience any adverse reactions or side effects call the doctor who performed the procedure and seek immediate medical attention. Avoid interfering with the area where the procedure was performed. This includes touching the skin where you were injected. Moreover, avoid massaging and rubbing the area where the procedure was performed for at least 24 hours. This is because the effects of the injection may spread to other muscles where it wasn't intended for.

In the event that you get a bruise caused by the procedure, you can treat using various measures. This includes applying a topical cream like Arnica or Vitamin K. In addition to this, you can also perform other procedures like a pulsed dye, a v-beam, and various laser treatments. Moreover, you can opt to use a yellow or a green concealer which will assist in covering up the bruises.

About the Doctor

Dr. Anurag Agarwal is a reputable plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The doctor is also certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Dr. Agarwal has received various awards and accolades in the reconstructive surgery industry. The professional doctor performs Botox techniques, hair replacements, lip enhancement, various techniques of endoscopic face lifting, rhinoplasty, facial injectables, blepharoplasty, lip enhancement, transferring of fat to the face, and several other procedures that deal with the face and neck. The competent doctor is based in Naples, Florida and he works for The Aesthetic Surgery Center.

Contact Dr. Agarwal if you’re looking for a Botox specialist in the Naples area.
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