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Keep Masculine Look after a Facelift

Some men getting a facelift have a unique worry when they start looking into getting a facelift: They are worried about not looking masculine. Ironically, they are justifiably proud of their scars and wrinkles even as they are looking at plastic surgery in order to eliminate the same. They are worried about looking more feminine as they eliminate the signs of aging, as smoothness is seen as a more feminine trait than masculine; men with wrinkles and scars are seen as men among men, after all. As such there are some interesting questions about how to maintain a masculine appearance even after an operation to eliminate some of those features.

Hair Maintenance Can Help

One area that can help is basic hair maintenance. As men age their hair becomes more prominent, with some men growing their hair out as much as possible or shaving their heads. By taking it to extremes a man can better establish his masculinity, be it either to encourage baldness or a gorgeous head of hair. Baldness is more and more seen as a decidedly masculine trait, especially as it is associated with maturity as well as someone willing to stand for what he believes in. Others wear their hair in some impressive hairstyles which require some serious maintenance. and are exaggerated standard styles.

Others grow out their beard and mustache and make sure that they are noticeable. Beards grow long and are well groomed, sometimes with little braids and other embellishments; anything that draws reasonable attention to the beard is welcome. The mustache is also well-groomed, sometimes with mustache wax but almost always combed. It should be noted that there is a running debate on gray and even white hair, but more active men tend to allow it as hair dye tends to run when it gets wet or sweaty. Hair is something that men wear with pride as a sign of their masculinity.

Physical Activity Is Manly

Men that are worried about their masculinity being called into question seem to do a lot more physical activity than those who are not as worried. Obviously, this can take the form of bodybuilding, as muscle mass is seen as an obvious sign of manhood and virility. For a lot of men, this returning to the gym and learning how to pump iron with an emphasis on gaining as much muscle as possible. This also means that they tend to eat healthier, sometimes eating more meat and protein shakes in order to demonstrate their manhood to others. While these changes are sometimes temporary they are nonetheless enjoyed during the time, and some of the habits are retained.

Others tend to take up other activities that are seen as risky and daring. As physically active men are seen as the pinnacle of manhood it is a great way to show that they are still men. This can range from sky-diving to free-climbing, diving to extreme sports, all in an attempt to out-perform their rivals. Some even take up martial arts in an attempt to prove their manhood. In short, as the physical domain is seen as the ultimate arena to prove their manhood they engage their opponents and even take up posing or other activities that allow them to show off their bodies, especially if they are working on their bodies.

Clothes Make The Man

Clothes are another way that men use to disguise a new facelift. This can actually go two ways: tougher or colorful. Some men hide the work that has been by not actually hiding it; they use the work as an excuse to make a lot of changes in their lives, sort of a symbol of inside change. As such they tend to lighten up and have a lot more fun with their clothes; this gives them a chance to find out who they really are, fashion-wise, and it can be an interesting quest, especially if the guy is of means and intends on having some fun.

On the other hand, some guys choose to hide behind a tough exterior and so pick clothes to back that up. This means a lot of black, possibly brighter colors as highlight colors, as well as leather and obvious metal, such as chains and buttons. This also means boots, combat or cowboy, and thicker jackets such as dusters and biker jackets. Interesting, some men back up their wardrobe choice with a new vehicle representative of their new clothes, such as a large truck or motorcycle. Just as above this is to represent a new change but is also seen as more masculine than their old clothes, preventing ridicule of their new look.

Healthier Life

While this may appear to go with some of the other choices, this is more accurately a mixture of some of them. Some guys truly transform their lives and decide to listen healthier. This means that they not only start exercising more but also make changes in their wardrobe to represent that. Suffice to say that they also tend to eat healthier, possibly taking cooking classes in order to be able to make better choices without worrying too much about limited choices. Suffice to say that new look is hidden under a brand-new globe and is seen as part of their new life, disguising their facial work. The person may also move or have work done on his house as part of the change.

Andres Bustillo, MD FACS is a board certified fellowship trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and one of the few subspecialists in South Florida. He served a residency at Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Miami – Jackson Memorial Hospital, one of the nation’s top otolaryngology residency programs and a fellowship at combined New York University-Weill Cornell Medical College Fellowship Program, with ongoing work with numerous charities. This wide range of experience gives him an awareness of what his clients desire, making him a very capable plastic surgeon when it comes to serving the needs of his clients. Please contact Dr. Bustillo if you’re in need of a facelift while in Miami.

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