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5 Most Common Sport Injuries

There are so many different types of sports that are liked and pursued by large numbers of people as a hobby, physical workout or for the sake of a professional career. Sports are certainly a great way to stay physically active. Apart from this, you can learn various skills and techniques such as to be focused on your goal, persistence, consistency, endurance, teamwork and discipline and so on through various types of sports. There is an endless list of benefits that are attainable for sports. While getting engaged in different types of sports, many sportspersons undergo certain injuries in some of their body parts. There are so many types of injuries that can be suffered by the participants. Here are some of the common sports injuries. 

Sprains And Strains

As per the experts working at the leading sports injury clinic in Worthing or other places around, sprains and strains are amongst the most common sports injuries that most players experience at one point in time or the other. Such injuries are generally caused due to overstretching of the muscles and the ligaments, wear and tear or damage to the muscles and the tissues. As a result of strains and sprains, affected muscles, tissues and ligaments experience pain and discomfort during movement. 

Injuries In The Knees And Elbows

The injuries to knees and elbows may occur in the form of wear and tear of the cartilages and the ligaments, dislocation, fractures, straining of the ligaments and in some cases severe damage to the affected bones and muscles. Some injuries are so severe that surgery may be needed to retain the normal functions of the knees or the elbows and the associated body parts. 

Bone Fractures

Apart from other types of injuries, fractures of certain bones in the body are also counted among common sports injuries. In most cases, fractures may occur in the arms, legs and feet. It is all due to extensive use of such body parts and also their coming into contact with the sports equipment and the ground. 

Injuries In The Back

Due to falling on the ground with great force, injuries in the back are also common during various types of sports. Overstressed muscles of the back may also sometimes lead to certain injuries. 

Plantar Fasciitis 

Such types of injuries are caused due to inflammation in the tendons of feet and legs as a result of their overuse or overactivity in the viewpoint of the sports injury clinic in Worthing.

Through proper training and skills attained with the help of continuous and regular practice, such injuries can be avoided. In case, you suffer from some injury, you must get the same diagnosed and be treated immediately and properly from one of the best sports injuries clinics available around. 

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