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Have a Gorgeous Smile with White Teeth

Having enough self-confidence is an important factor for most of us. In this regard, there are some elements to provide self-confidence. One of these elements is white pearly teeth. When we are a kid, we have white teeth, but with the passage of time and as we grow, our teeth color changes. This change is due to various reasons such as eating and drinking, age, and so on. Discolored teeth can devastatingly affect our appearance and beauty. According to an expert performing teeth whitening in North York, there are two kinds of stains on teeth: those on the surface and deeper ones. However, this is an issue that can be solved by applying various cosmetic dental treatments.

 You can buy special whitening toothpaste or some other specific kits such as whitening polish or whitening pens. All these products contain activated charcoal that can whiten your teeth, but there are some problems with these products. Firstly, they will just brighten and whiten your teeth to some degree. Besides, they are so harmful to your tooth and can somehow damage your tooth enamel. Also, they are not permanent ways, and you have to do the same process again and again.

There is a more effective way to choose and restore your dazzling smile: In-office teeth whitening. When you go for this cosmetic dental process, you choose a professional dentist and ask him/her to apply this method for you. The experienced dentist will apply teeth whitening gel on the tray and then mold it to your teeth. According to most dentists and patients’ ideas, this is one of the most successful, fastest, and better ways of teeth whitening. This cosmetic dental procedure will brighten your teeth, no matter if the stains are on the surface or are deep stains. Of course, it should be noted that how much your teeth will look whiter varies. But, generally, you will observe whiter teeth after applying the method.

Along with the advantages, there are some problems that you should be aware of. The first dental issue patients complain of is facing tooth sensitivity. It is normal to feel uncomfortable and sensitive after applying teeth bleaching. But, this problem will go away after a few days.

As mentioned above, the result of the teeth whitening process is different for each person. Those who smoke or drink alcohol have deep stains on their teeth, and as a result, it is so difficult to remove it even by in-office teeth whitening. Although this process is better than other whitening options, it is not permanent, and you will have to recharge it again after a while.

You should consider the food you eat. If you want to have white teeth for a longer time, observing the food and drink is necessary.   

If you have dental veneers, you should consult your dental specialist to match the color of your natural teeth with them. Keep in mind that dental veneers color does not change.

And finally, keep in mind that it is not a cheap dental treatment. So, consider your budget and talk with your dentist about available payment options.

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