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11 Simple Tips for Saving on Prescriptions

Research shows that about 8% of Americans don't take the prescription medication they need due to affordability.

This can lead to serious health complications and even death in the case of some chronic conditions. So if you're one of those people considering giving up on their treatment due to the high price of medication, we've got good news for you.

Here's how to go about saving on prescriptions and still get the treatment you need.

1. Speak to Your Doctor About Saving on Prescriptions

Your doctor's always your first port of call when it comes to anything to do with your health. Speak to them about your affordability issues.

They can help with almost all the below tips or help you out with some free samples. Pharmaceutical salespeople regularly visit doctor's offices with free samples of newly-approved medications.

Not only can these samples save you money once-off, but they also allow you to try out a medication before you pay for a full month's supply.

2. How to Save on Prescriptions With Pharmacy Cards

Some drug manufacturers offer discounts to pharmacies in exchange for them stocking their medicines. These retailers can pass these savings on to their clients.

Ask your local pharmacy if they're running any discounted programs.

Otherwise, you can search for prescription discount cards and loyalty programs online. These help you save up to 80% on common medications. It's free to sign up and easy to use these cards.

3. Saving Money on Prescriptions by Comparing Prices

Comparing prices is the best way to save no matter what you're buying. Don't assume that big retail stores are cheaper - surveys prove differently.

Get on the phone to pharmacies near you and enquire about their prices and discounts before you head off to a big-box retailer. Some outlets advertise their prices online so it's even easier to find the best price.

4. Opt for Generic Alternatives

Generics are cheap medications with the same active ingredient as their equivalent brand name drugs. That means they work in almost the same way brand name drugs too.

The reason generic medications are cheaper is that they piggyback on the expensive research performed by pharmaceutical companies that develop drugs.

As soon as a patent expires on a particular drug, generic manufacturers can freely produce a matching, albeit cheaper, treatment. Always ask your doctor if they can prescribe a generic equivalent of your medication.

The best part is that you can use many of these other savings tactics for generics and save even more.

5. Look for Coupons

Pharmaceutical companies also offer discounts to the public for newly-developed drugs. That's because these latest innovations are expensive and unavailable in a generic form at the outset.

So, to get people on board with their exciting new products, these manufacturers offer coupons for these medications.

Often, you'll need to meet certain criteria to claim these savings. These include having health insurance and being willing to share your personal information.

6. Get a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

If you qualify for Medicare, you could receive substantial discounts on selected medications. These programs exist to help seniors afford the medications they need by reducing their out-of-pocket expenses for medicines.

As long as you're enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and B), you can sign up for a Part D drug plan. Alternatively, you could investigate suitable Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) which often include Part D benefits.

7. Saving on Medications By Ordering Online

Mail-order pharmacies have lower operational costs than brick and mortar stores, so they can afford to offer you better prices on prescription medications.

You can also order prescription drugs online from Canadian pharmacies. Canada has some of the cheapest drug prices worldwide, and it's legal for US citizens to benefit from them.

Always check that you're buying from a reputable registered pharmacy or legitimate go-between when shopping online for drugs.

8. Consult Your Health Insurance Formulary List

It's not always cheaper to access your prescription drugs via your health insurance. Compare your co-payments with the cash price of the drugs you need first.

You should also check your insurance provider's drug formulary list at least once a year to ensure that the price you pay for drugs justifies your monthly premiums.

If you can get your prescription drugs elsewhere for cheaper, it might be worth adjusting your insurance policy at the next opportunity.

9. Reconsider Your Options

If you've been taking the same drug for years, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Perhaps you no longer need it, or there's a cheaper, better option available now.

Unless you discuss your financial concerns, your doctor will assume that you're happy with the costs, or that your health insurance will pay for the medication you need.

10. Ask For a Bigger Supply or Stronger Dosage

While comparing drug prices, you might notice that you pay less per item for larger quantities of medication. Ask your doctor if they can change your prescription to a 60- or 90-day supply so you can benefit from these savings.

Likewise, some medications cost the same regardless of the dosage you order. In many cases, you can split these pills and get your recommended dose that way. In this way, you can save 50% on the cost of the dosage you need.

You can't split all types of medication in this way, so speak to your doctor about this tactic when you ask them to change your prescription to the higher dose.

11. Apply for Financial Assistance

If you still can't afford your medications after trying all the tips above, your best bet is to ask for help. There are several state and government organizations that help people afford the medications they need.

Try enquiring with Partnership for Prescription Assistance or the State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. You'll need proof of income to show that you legitimately require help, and some programs have financial limitations.

You could also ask your local pharmacy if they have any free prescription drug programs running currently.

Reach Out for Better Health

When you master the art of saving on prescriptions for your much-needed medicines, you help ensure your ongoing health and vitality.

For more tips on how to stay fit and healthy, keep browsing our site. We're committed to bringing you the latest greatest news and tips on health-related issues.

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