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Top 5 Most Common Causes of Stress in the Workplace


Stress in the workplace is a very real thing for many American workers. in fact, 83% of workers experience regular stress from their jobs. All this stress is not only harmful to the workers but also to the employers. Businesses can experience a whopping $300 billion in revenue losses as a result of worker-related stress.

So, while no worker wants to feel the stress that can come from reporting to work each day, businesses shouldn't want it either. What are the causes of stress in the workplace? What is making this such a big issue for workers each day?

Read on to learn some of the many causes of stress for workers in the workplace so you can try to avoid these problems in your own work environment.

1. Conflict

Conflict in the workplace can get in the way of employee productivity. This conflict can come from a variety of sources.

Perhaps you work with someone who is difficult to get along with. They are contrary and create a toxic work environment. Perhaps you are forced to work on a project for work with someone who isn't really a team player. In this situation, work to open communication with them.

Remind yourself if it feels like nothing is working that it might be more of their issue than your own. They may have problems outside of work that is impacting their performance at work.

You may also find you have a difficult manager or boss. This is the boss who is unrealistically demanding or difficult to please, no matter what you do or say. This person can make the work environment difficult to navigate on a daily basis.

It might be helpful to try to figure out what sets the boss off. Is there something you are doing that makes the manager more difficult? Try to think from their perspective and see if there is something you might be missing. Also, work on communication with this manager so you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you at all times.

2. Pressure to Produce at Work

You may work in an environment where you feel true pressure to perform at the optimal speed and level at all times. The truth is that this is not realistic. Everyone, on occasion, and even regularly, needs breaks.

Most people want to go to their work and perform successfully and be a producer. Yet, the pressure to do it all the time can be stressful for workers and even to their well being. Learn more about stress here. Those stressors can have a real negative impact on the body and the mind while at work.

It's important to find ways to build in little breaks at work so that when you do need to perform at your peak for an extended period of time, you are able to sustain the focus and mental aptitude you need to do it. This doesn't need to mean long-lasting breaks though.

Allow yourself the chance to take a brief walk. Even stand up for a stretch. A break can be something as simple as leaning away from your desk and taking a few deep breaths to refocus your ability to work.

3. Work Environment

It's true that some work environments are more stressful than others just by the nature of what your job is. For example, it might be more stressful to work in a hospital emergency room than a doctor's office.

Yet, some work environments, no matter what the job, can create stress. It could be people who are in the environment. It could be the boss or manager in that environment. It could also be how the work environment is arranged that makes it more stressful.

If your work environment feels stressful, try to pinpoint what is causing the stressors in that environment. Think about what you could do to either remove or reduce those stressors. That might include rearranging your desk to face a different direction or having an honest conversation with your boss about communication.

It might feel stressful to tackle those stressors from your environment head-on, yet in the long run, trying to address them will be helpful for you.

4. Communication Issues

For any workplace to be successful, there must be good communication. This should happen between employees, between employees and customers, between employees and their managers. Yet, not all people have developed communication skills.

Poor communication at work can be stressful because it might not always be clear what is expected of you. Poor communication between work colleagues can be challenging too since you may not know what you need to do or what they have done.

If you work to be a clear and focused communicator, you may be able to get the information you need and work as a model for the people you work with too.

5. Work Environment Expectations

The expectations placed on you at work can also cause stress. Sometimes those expectations are unrealistic or unfair. You might work in an environment where you are expected to work many hours of overtime. This can impact your personal life, family life, and even the amount of sleep you get.

You might have a work environment that has stressful deadlines you need to meet. If you are in a workplace where you feel like you are constantly jamming to meet a deadline, that can have a real impact on your ability to perform successfully.

Since the onset of Covid, many workers also fear losing their jobs if they aren't performing at a certain level. So, if you show up for work each day with the fear you are about to lose your job, you can have some very real stressors around you while you try to perform your duties.

Understanding the Causes of Stress in the Workplace

As a worker in nearly any work environment, you will occasionally feel some stress. When you have responsibilities and people expect things of you, this is pretty normal. Yet some causes of stress in the workplace can impact you as a worker and your ability to be successful at your job.

Pay attention to the things causing you stress so you can work to alleviate them as much as possible.

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