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Effective Strategies for Coping With Short-Term Memory Loss


Memory problems are far from uncommon in the US. Indeed, 1 in 9 adults aged 45 or over now suffers from them. Its prevalence in society doesn’t make it any easier to deal with though.

In reality, few experiences in life are as debilitating, scary, and challenging- especially when it’s short-term in nature. Thankfully, there’s plenty of steps you can take to contend with the issue. Want to learn a few of the best?

Read on for our top strategies for coping with short-term memory loss.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Making positive changes to your lifestyle is a good first port of call. Try to get enough sleep at night and to eat a balanced diet full of color, vitamins, and minerals. Make sure you exercise every day, drink less alcohol, and quit smoking while you’re at it.

Now, these changes are unlikely to reverse your memory loss entirely. However, living a healthier lifestyle may alleviate your symptoms and slow their rate of decline (alongside a wealth of other benefits to your general wellbeing).

Work Your Brain

Exercising your body is one thing. But you may benefit from exercising your mind as well. After all, you know what they say: if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Why not put that theory to the test and embark on some regular brain training? Get stuck into a Sudoku every day, learn a new language, and brush your teeth with the opposite hand. It might sound fanciful, but working up a mental sweat could be just what you need.

Leave Reminders for Yourself

Knowing you have a memory problem is of utmost importance. Why? Because you can then take proactive practical steps to counter the issue and mitigate its implications.

A classic example would be writing reminders for yourself and sticking them on the fridge. Don’t stop there though! Write to-do lists, set alarms on your phone, buy yourself a calendar, and put together a schedule to coordinate your days. In other words, do whatever it takes within your environment to minimize the impact of an ailing memory.

Seek Professional Support

The strategies above could make a significant difference in the life of anybody who suffers from memory loss. However, they can only get you so far.

If your memory trouble’s at a point where you can no longer cope alone, then be sure to seek professional input. Contact your GP and consider services such as findcontinuingcare.com to see how they can help too. With any luck, you’ll be offered a selection of ideas, resources, and treatment options to provide the support you need.

Time to Cope Better With Short-Term Memory Loss

Anybody who suffers from short-term memory loss knows how troubling it can be. You forget what you just said and lose track of what you’re doing. Recent history becomes a mystery and life takes a scary turn as a result.

We hope the information in this post will prove useful to anyone who’s familiar with the struggle. Keep these ideas in mind and you should be better prepared to cope with your personal memory issues. Would you like to read more articles like this one?

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