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Never Leave a Missing Teeth Untreated

One of the dental issues that most people experience in their life is missing teeth. Several common reasons may cause tooth loss, such as trauma, decay, and cavities. According to the statistics, the average adult has lost approximately eight permanent teeth due to mentioned reasons during their lifetime. As everyone knows, permanent teeth never grow back on their own, and the negative consequences are beyond your expectation. A dentist who provides dental implants in Maple Ridge states that lost teeth may be an aesthetic concern.

However, they are followed by many oral health problems. But it should be noted that there’s no reason to worry about your missing teeth nowadays. Thankfully, technological advancements enable cosmetic dentistry science to provide excellent options to solve any dental issues that you may face during your lifetime. Dental implant is the most successful cosmetic dentistry treatment that has the potential to create wonderful results and gift you a picture-perfect smile. This article provides useful and practical information about this fascinating option.

dental implants in Maple Ridge

Severe Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

-Affecting Your Facial Structure: Since permanent teeth are responsible for supporting facial structure, losing them is the start of altering the design of your mouth.

-Harder Chewing and Talking: With teeth missing, you are expected to experience discomfort when eating your favorite food. Besides, you may have difficulty pronouncing unique letters due to tooth loss.

-Affecting Your Self-confidence: As well as physical effects, missing teeth may affect you psychologically because they prevent people from having big toothy smiles, so their self-esteem will be decreased considerably. 

The Best Solution

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry science, several effective options are available to replace missing teeth correctly. Still, according to highly skilled dentists, dental implants are an exceptional and long-term solution for those who have lost one, couple, or all of their teeth. The experienced and dedicated dentists are trained to use cutting-edge technology to perfectly fit your dental implant in its correct positions at your appointments. Dental bridges and dentures are different methods used to replace missing teeth, but various benefits of dental implants convince people to choose them frequently among all other options. 

dental implants in Maple Ridge

Why is Dental Implant the Most Appropriate option? 

Generally, dental implant refers to the highly-requested cosmetic dentistry procedures performed surgically. During the process, professional dental surgeons insert medical devices into the jaw to restore the patient’s ability to chew.

Before The Process

First, you should make an appointment to have free consulting with your experienced dental providers. They will inform you about the potential benefits and risks. It is a necessary step to find out whether you are a good candidate for this procedure or not. The other thing to consider include:

-Professional dental specialists should evaluate your overall health.

-Ask your dentists what type and brand will work better for you.

- Give up smoking for more successful results.

After the Process

-Take care of your new teeth by following good oral hygiene instructions that your professional dental providers recommend.

-Carefully cleaning the implant teeth and surrounding teeth is necessary to achieve long-term results.

-Let your dentists know immediately if your dental implant feels loose or painful

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