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Parents, Especially Moms: Are You Prepared for the Baby That’s Coming?

Giving Your Child a Head Start

Moms and dads, you can give your baby a head start in life before the child is even delivered. Now, granted, you’ve got to be present, passionate, and diligent about your child’s upbringing for best results. This doesn’t mean being a “helicopter parent”; it will depend on the situation. Toddlers need mom especially, and dad; and almost continuously.

As your child matures, it’s a mistake to be ever-present, though. You want to be there, but not every second of every day. You can’t do this in the big city anymore, but if you’re in a safe town with a decent economy that only has a few thousand people, it’s a good idea to let elementary schoolers walk to and from school.

Sadly, be careful. This isn’t as safe as it was 20 years ago in the USA. However, providing a child such independence is healthy. Of course, what’s best for your family and your child will depend on you and your spouse; it’s different for everybody.

With these things in mind, to raise strong children who will be the bearers of the future, you need to start prepping while the child is still in the womb. Following we’ll explore a few things you can do.


1. Tighten Your Belt

A $3 coffee from Starbucks every day is $1,095 a year. Meanwhile, you can drink coffee at home that’s just as good for around $200 a year, including the acquisition of filters, coffee, cream, sugar, and the coffee maker itself—if you’re strategic in how you budget. So when you know the baby is coming, cut out all creature comforts and extravagances.

Think about it. Just cutting out coffee costs saves $895 a year. In 18 years, that’s $16,110. Call it tuition, call it a first car, call it what you like. Lean into tax deductions that are legal, seek extra hours at work, cook at home, and learn to live well beneath your means.


2. Find Medical Professionals You Trust

Next, you want healthcare options for when unexpected issues develop. For mothers, it’s very easy to sustain a nipple injury in breastfeeding. The link leads to healthcare pros that help you identify such injuries and overcome them. You’ll also want pediatric support and psychological resources for the family. Additionally, look into optometrists, podiatrists, audiologists, and ENTs.


3. Secure Help From Parental Groups, Family, and Friends

Parental support groups can provide emergency daycare. Family and friends give advice on situations you couldn’t anticipate otherwise. Plug yourself into a parental community for your sake, and for your child’s sake: other parents have children, too, and your young one must learn to socialize.


Giving Your Newborn the Best Shot at A Successful Adulthood

External parental help through support groups, family, and friends represents an essential part of parenthood. You also want medical professionals you trust readily available. Lastly, save every penny you can; you’re going to need it. Such moves should help you be better parents.

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