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Signs that You May Get to See a Vein Specialist

Venous issues may be common but need attention from the specialist. Varicose and spider veins form a web-like structure that may appear on legs, ankles and feet. These disorders can lead to severe medical complications. That’s why, it is important to see a vein specialist when you notice these veins on these body parts. It has also been observed that many people don’t encounter any problems even if they have these problems. The question is when to meet a vein specialist in South Carolina. Below mentioned are a few signs that trigger the need of contacting a specialist:

Pain and swelling in one leg

In many cases, a person may experience pain or swelling in one leg whereas another one is absolutely fine. It may be due to a circulatory problem or an indication of vein issues. Many people also experience swelling, water retention and pain in one leg and not in another, it is a sign of improper circulation of blood in one leg and you should see a vein specialist.

Noticeable discoloration of veins under your skin

The color of veins may turn red, purple and blue under your skin. It is a sign of varicose or spider veins and you should contact a health care provider. Some may suggest that they should be related to cosmetic problems while the problem may persist. After a few years, more complications can be encountered due to poor blood circulation.

Weakness or heaviness in legs

One of the common issues that you can experience in your legs is heaviness and weakness in your legs. They are unable to stand for a long time and feel the heaviness. If you experience this for a long time, you must contact a vein specialist. This problem occurs when there is additional pressure on the legs.

Pain and discomfort

Due to many reasons such as weight and pregnancy, you may experience pain in the legs. The extra pressure is exerted on the veins and hence, a person may experience pain and discomfort especially at the end of the day.

Family history of vein-related problems

If you notice these veins on your legs and you already have a family history of varicose or spider veins, you should fix an appointment with a specialist. He can check and evaluate if there is a potential risk of any other problem.

The internet is the best place to find the contact details related to vein specialists.

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