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What should you bring with you as a future beautician

The advantages of training in cosmetics are obvious and so many young people want to begin training in the field of cosmetics then it is advised to join cosmetic courses for nurses. However, becoming a beautician requires more than pure knowledge - the human component must also be right.

You should be aware that you deal with many different people and characters daily, whom you treat, advise and convince with a lot of pleasure. After all, the customer is king and should feel comfortable with you - this often requires a lot of tact and empathy. You should also enjoy your creative work and a sense of aesthetics, colors, and shapes is a great advantage.

To be able to advise your customers ideally, it is important for beauticians to always be up to date and to be interested in the latest beauty trends, methods, and products.

Flexibility in the job

Regardless of whether full-time, part-time the possibilities of completing a cosmetics training course are diverse, extremely flexible and real skin experts are urgent.

needed. The need for beauty, care, and skin advice is unbroken and after the Corona era, there will be much greater demand from potential customers.

Perspectives for your future

Cosmetic training at any reputed institute offers you countless professional perspectives, opportunities, and career opportunities:

·          Self-employed entrepreneur with her institute

·          Employment with dermatologists, plastic-aesthetic surgeons or in a dermatology clinic

·          Employment in a spa in the 4-5 star hotel industry, day spa at home and abroad or on a cruise ship

·          An employee in application technology at an (international) cosmetics manufacturer

·          Lecturer in a cosmetics school

·          Area Manager, Key Account Manager or Area Manager in the field service in the cosmetics industry

·          Medical Sales Manager or Treatment Development Manager

·          Sales Representative

·          Make-up ArtistIn

·          A publicist for women's and specialist magazines in the Beauty Resort

·          Cosmetic research and development assistance

·          Area and depot representative of a well-known cosmetics manufacturer

Appearance is an important expression of our personality and should best be looked after by experienced and qualified hands. Generally, the training is given for a period of 12-month, the institute imparts the competence and professionalism of a state-recognized training center to you. A strong and friendly team of state-certified trainers and guest lecturers from different areas awaits you on our beautiful premises. All proven and experienced experts in their field!

With your training to become a “state-approved cosmetologist” you lay the ideal basis for all professions that deal with skincare and holistic well-being. Whether you dream of your salon as a beautician or prefer to work in a doctor's office. A wide variety of areas of application are possible, from perfumery to wellness hotels to cruise ships. All of them with the best prospects, because after all, more and more people attach importance to feeling good in their skin.

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