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What is the recovery time for lap band surgery?


Considering bariatric surgery is just the initial step on a lifelong journey. A lap band can help obese patients to reduce 35 to 45 percent of their excess body weight. Lap band recovery begins right away following the operation and persists as you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Following the lap band surgery Phoenix, you might feel pain immediately. Pain medicines can aid in handling soreness. The surgeon will prescribe you the over-the-counter drugs that are safe to take after the operation and might recommend a few painkillers.

You might have a dry mouth after your lap band surgery Phoenix. You’ll just be able to take a nip of water or chew on an ice chip following the operation.

Who qualifies for lap band surgery?

A lap band is not an instant solution for severe obesity, but it significantly transforms the patient’s way of life.  This surgery is mainly for those who are suffering from severe obesity and have failed to reduce weight with traditional methods (diet and workout).

Also, they should have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above.

Those looking for a lap band surgery need to be psychologically stable and not be reliant on drugs or alcohol.

How is a lap band done?

Lap band surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia. This bariatric surgery generally takes 30 - 60 minutes to an hour to complete.

The surgeon typically creates one to five tiny incisions in the stomach. With these tiny surgical incisions, the surgeon will put a camera and the device required to perform the procedure. After that, a rubber band is positioned around the upper section of the stomach to split it from the lower section. Inside the rubber band, there is an inflatable balloon that lets the band be altered.

The rubber band makes a tiny pouch that has a fine opening leading into the bigger, lower section of the stomach.

Surgeons or patients can choose to tighten or loosen the band later on. Lap band surgery doesn’t require any cutting and stapling in the stomach.

Recovery time for lapband surgery

The patients can return home the same day after the operation. Lots of individuals can start their routine exercises in one or two days after returning home.

Patients are typically on clear liquids or pureed foods for a couple of weeks following surgery. They can start eating regular foods after 6 weeks.

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