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How to buy cannabis seeds

Most marijuana consumers love growing cannabis plants on their own. Whether it is for medicinal purposes or recreational, most marijuana users find it amazingly satisfying to use cannabis products from their cannabis plants. You can start growing marijuana either by planting marijuana seeds or cannabis clones.

Luckily, marijuana seeds are now easy to find due to the legalization of marijuana in many states. There are many cannabis seeds banks where you can buy feminized and auto flower seeds. Check out the ILGM blogto know more about marijuana seeds.

Before investing your money to buy marijuana seeds, you need to look at some factors. Here are some factors to consider when buying marijuana seeds:

1.       Consider Marijuana laws in your state

Before growing cannabis, you need to consider the cannabis laws in your state first. Before starting your research on marijuana seeds, check out if your country permits the growing of marijuana and if there are any restrictions. The marijuana law will direct how and where you can purchase marijuana seeds.

If you stay in a country where the laws allow homegrown cannabis with fewer restrictions, you can purchase marijuana seeds from your preferred marijuana seeds bank. You may choose if purchasing the seeds from an online store or a physical store is best for you.

2.       Choose which cannabis strain you want

When buying marijuana seeds, you should decide which strain you want. If you are unsure of which strain you want, you can check on a reputable seed bank to learn more about marijuana strains. You can choose between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains.

After you have decided which strain to grow, do more research to learn as much as possible about the strain. Learn about the growing guidelines of the strain you select. Every strain has specific needs. For example, some strains do well in particular climates. Picking a strain that is fit for your environment will give an easy time to grow the plants.

3.       Indoor or outdoor cultivation?

One more thing to consider is whether you will be growing your marijuana plants indoors or outdoors. Growing your seeds indoors will allow controlling the climate for your marijuana plants to grow well. You will be more confident to try new seeds since you can regulate the environmental conditions.

Growing marijuana outdoors needs you to be keen on factors like the period of the outdoor growing season and other significant factors. If you plan to breed cannabis outdoors, you should research theexact marijuana seeds you want to ensure they will bloom in your climate.

4.       Feminized seeds, regular seeds, or autoflowering seeds?

When looking for marijuana seeds, you will come across regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized seeds. You need to understand the gender and maturity process when buying seeds. When you purchase regular seeds, most will grow to become male plants and fewer female plants. Male plants produce smaller and less potent flowers. Hence, they will give you low yields.

Feminized seeds bred female marijuana plants. Feminized seeds are best because they are easy to grow and produce high yields. They are the best plants for smokers.

Autoflowering seeds need less work and flower fast. When growing photoperiod seedsor regular seeds at home, you will have to control the light your plant gets to trigger flowering. However, autoflowering seeds produce plants that flower automatically depending on their age and not light.

Bottom line

When looking for cannabis seeds, ensure you buy feminized seeds to grow marijuana plants for smoking purposes. And you can grow male plants if you are going to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Also, ensure you find the seeds that are well-suited for your climatic conditions. Lastly, check out your state laws regarding the growing of marijuana.





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