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Interesting Tips about Your Teeth

Teeth can affect the way you smile and your first impressions. Your teeth are necessary for your eating. Without them, you cannot eat or chew easily. Your teeth help you talk to people easily and fluently. As an experienced dentist from Dentist New West says, most of us sometimes do not understand the words and sentences some people pronounce just because they do not have healthy teeth. YES, HEALTHY TEETH. So having healthy and tidy teeth is effective in many aspects of our lives. Now the question is, do we know enough about our teeth? In this article, we tried to tell some of the most overlooked facts about our teeth.

First of all, what do you know about childhood tooth decay? Did you know that childhood tooth decay is more common than childhood obesity, diabetes, and asthma? In other words, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in childhood. Most experienced dentists believe that children's tooth decay is twenty times more common than diabetes and five times more common than asthma.

Did you know it was first in the 1970s when professional dentists discovered that dental bacteria caused tooth decay? 

Do you have any idea about knowing that untreated tooth decay is associated with pain and infections that impair a child's ability to eat, talk, play and learn? The problem is not just that. In addition, there may be a direct link between untreated tooth decay and heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and other life-threatening conditions.


How much do you know about cavities? Did you know that cavities can form early in the first tooth and late in the last? Most parents do not care about their newborn's teeth. They do not even know that it is important to get their newborns to the dentist within six months of the first tooth sprouting. A dentist pays attention to the growth of their teeth and helps you take care of your baby's teeth as they progress. On the other hand, the number of cavities in your teeth gets more as you get older. This is often due to medications that dry out the saliva of the mouth - and the saliva protects the teeth from bacterial damage.

Most people know that there is a direct link between sugar and dental problems. Sugar and other carbohydrates often start producing acid from bacteria in the mouth. This acid is what destroys your teeth and their resistance to cavities. Surprisingly, carbohydrates are found in almost everything but protein - just take care of your teeth after eating.

Will you be surprised to hear that if you are right-handed, you chew your food on your right, and if you are left-handed, you tend to chew your food on your left.

Drinking at least three glasses of soda every day will lead to suffering from tooth decay, fillings, and tooth loss. You can substitute natural and mineral drinks instead of drinking soda. Stop drinking soda for the sake of your teeth. 

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