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Dyeing your hair is not bad but dyeing your hair with those quick and easy to apply chemical dyes is too bad. Natural methods won't result in dangerous side effects, infact they are nearly effective as a chemical dye. To get best results we need to take more efforts such as doing research and finding the right ingredients with best hair bleach quality. With some research we have found easy natural hair dyeing methods in a natural way.

1. Henna

Henna is a plant called Lawsonia inermis scientifically. Henna is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of natural hair dyeing. The same henna can be used to get many more shades like light brown or dark brown. Most of the people prefers dark color and henna works best for the same.

To use henna to color your hair :

1. Mix 1/4 of henna powder with water to make it paste. Leave it for an hour.

2. Meanwhile Oil your hair with your favourite natural oil.

3. Apply the paste for 1-2 hours.

4. Wash your hair and dry.

5. Apply some coconut oil after 2 hours.

2. Henna with coffee

This method is for deep shade lovers. You need to brew some coffee for this method. It will work better with henna, so this combination will help you achieve perfect result.

To use henna with coffee

1. Brew some strong coffee.

2. Add the brewed coffee to henna powder gradually.

3. Let it sit for an hour.

4. Add some more coffee if the paste is too thick.

5. Apply the paste to your hair and wait for an hour. For best results wait until it dries completely then wash it completely.

6. Apply oil after 2 hours.

Why you should avoid chemical dyes

Chemical dyes may be carcinogenic but it won't be mentioned by many companies. Many brands just mention that it shouldn't be used on scalp, eyes and body but they won't mention their side effects. It may be tempting to use hair dyes just for the attractive shades but beware to use the right one. Do research about the ingredients in the dye if you are going to use it.

Bottom line

To make the hair color permanent don't shampoo your hair immediately after apply natural methods. Try to satisfy all your vitamin (such as B vitamins) needs to prevent white hairs. Sometimes natural methods may give dissatisfied results but it is better than spoiling your hair and scalp with harmful chemicals. If you're more health conscious then switch to natural hair colouring.


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