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Having someone to deal with all your med concerns, here is an app to do that


With many people suffering from chronic ailments for a major part of their life and seeking the treatment through allopathic medicine could prove tiresome for some of the very obvious reasons that these patients have to take medications or tablets in a scheduled way and keep up with the routine for a long time. With the commitment of the patients falling short and this proving to be vital step in major treatment processes not showing results. Hence to bridge the gap between pharmaceutical companies and to make the patients to keep up with their routine the App like MyMedAdvisor has been designed which is being used by over 1.7 million people around the world. This not only helps the people to keep up with their appointments and reminders to take medicines but also with proper setting put in the app can even act as a refill by ordering medicines through a tap of a button at regular intervals.

The program based approach

 Not only this the app has many programs in place like the digital programs which serve the people like education programs which educate the people on specific health conditions and also connect these people with the relevant groups where they can discuss out their conditions and treatment plans and find support. Other programs like the pharmacy led programs and custom programs where the people are called in to voluntarily participate in case studies and also in studies and over all analysis conducted by the pharmaceutical companies over various topics and provide advise to the regular public by their most trusted companies.

·      This decreases the gap of knowledge between the people with the condition and the platforms providing the required help. However this app also does other work like suggesting a good PR actioner in the nearby vicinity and getting free consultancies in some cases with the medical personnel. Also it aims at making living with a specific conditions easy for many people. Ordering medicines has been much easier with the use of this app and many reputed pharmaceutical companies are in collaboration or sponsorship with this app the world famous companies like pfizer are also a part of this. Thus providing with quality drugs and information on it with good discounts thus making it the highest downloaded and used app in all of Australia. Another most attractive feature of this app is to store scripts or paper and digital prescription scripts for further use. Thus handling the paper work has been made easier with this app. Tracking the orders and a timely reminders to place the orders on medicines has been the way to go forward. Conducting weekly webinars and support system on covid management is the need of the hour.

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