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What is the link between joint pain and obesity?

Can being overweight cause joint pain?

We hear a lot about heart ailments and diabetes while discussing obesity-related diseases. But do you know that your excessive weight can have a solid impact on your joints, bones, and muscles as well? Around 40 percent of adults in the US are concerned about obesity. In many clinical studies, it has been found that there is a higher likelihood of blood clots, dislocation, and infection after a hip replacement.

Physical exercise like sports, gyming, doing cardio exercises and many others that involve body is overwhelmingly good for the heart. But not in excess as it might end up causing sports injuries of the acute or chronic level. People often overlook the signs of injuries that can have a deep impact on the wellbeing of the athlete, and it might sideline the same from the game.

Obesity has been one of the most common ailments to affect joints and bones harmfully. Keep reading to understand the connectionbetween obesity and joint pain.

Effects of obesity on joint pain

1.       Fibromyalgia

It is a pain disorder that is portrayed by tender points of irritation throughout the body. Recently, some studies have confirmed that being overweight and stationary raises the danger of developing fibromyalgia. The patient who is heavier in size endures more severe signs. To overwhelm your overweight condition, you can opt for a surgical weight loss in Las Cruces.

2.       Gout

Gout takes place due to the boost of insulin level in the system, which slows down the kidney's capability to process uric acid. This leads to the build-up of uric acid in the joints, causing severe pain (commonly in the big toe). Nearly 70 percent of the people with gout are struggling from obesity. People who are highly overweight are about ten times as expected to extend the condition compared to the people who sustain a healthy weight.

3.       Lupus

People with lupus endure joint tenderness, making daily actions and physical coordination hard. The patients who have lupus tend to experience a great disability as the fat tissue discharges cytokines that activate joint tenderness or soreness.

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How to improve obesity joint pain?

Below are specific methods that can improve your joint pain:

1.       If it is possible, then start a low-impact exercise routine for losing weight. Even a slight fall in the bodyweight can aid in taking some of the strain away from your joints. Hence, you would acquire some relief and relaxation.

2.       If you are having chronic joint pain and mobility problems, it is fine to consult an orthopaedist who can suggest you regarding physical treatment or surgery, for instance- arthroscopy, or knee replacement.

Now when you know almost everything about successful Chiropractic treatment, get ready to be free from those frustrating pains. However, you need to keep in mind that you should take this treatment only from a trained and authorized chiropractor.

Otherwise, if done in the wrong way, it can be a real nightmare. To avoid situations like disk herniation, nerve compressions, and vertebral artery dissection, always seek for a qualified specialist.

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