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Chad Price & MAKO Medical Sponsor Raleigh’s Largest Indoor Roller Rink


With savvy entrepreneur Chad Price at its helm, MAKO Medical has a long history of serving the Raleigh community and the rest of North Carolina. Aside from offering ground-breaking testing facilities and lab services, the renowned company often supports sports events and community projects. 

Between April 16 and 18, the company sponsored the MAKO Medical Sk8te Raleigh, the City of Oaks’ largest indoor roller rink. Based within the Raleigh Convention Center, the event was a chance for locals to put on their skates and have a couple of hours of sporting fun. People could book ahead for two-hour sessions, with an additional option to rent skates at the convention center. MAKO Medical laboratories teamed up with Shop Local Raleigh to bring the community event to the city earlier this month.

Attendees were in for a real musical treat. DJ Uniq upped the tempo with his captivating sounds as he played tunes over the course of the two-day event. The DJ has held down a selection of residencies at local venues all around Raleigh while also playing at events, such as weddings and engagement parties.

With more than a decade of disc-spinning experience, this crowd-pleaser smoothly blends both music genres and sounds. The well-known DJ often plays at the Milk Bar and the Cornerstone Tavern in Raleigh and is well-known by local music lovers. With his unmistakable beats in the background, skaters had the chance to throw some shapes on the rink under the shimmer of a disco ball.

Attendees could choose from morning, afternoon, or evening sessions and RSVP to the event on Facebook for updates. The weekend featured a variety of both family and adult-only sessions. A skate pass with roller skate rental was $13, or $10 for just the pass. For people who would rather watch the action than enter the rink, there was the option to get a spectator pass for just $3. To show some gratitude to first responders, the event organizers also offered these professionals $2 off any ticket of their choice.

Of course, given the pandemic, safety was a top priority throughout the event. To ensure that everyone could enjoy the event without any risks, the organizers only put a limited number of tickets on sale for each session. In addition to that, all skaters had to complete a waiver ahead of entering the rink, and staff members checked people’s temperatures when they arrived at the convention center. Attendees also had to wear masks at all times throughout the event, except when they were eating or drinking in designated areas. Thanks to all of these precautions, skaters, and spectators could rest assured that they were protected.

With MAKO Medical Laboratories’ support, the skating event was a huge success. However, this was not the first event that the brand sponsored. Last year, the company was the official testing partner for the 2020 Camping World Maui Invitational. Toward the end of the year, MAKO Medical also sponsored the Duke Classic at the Cameron Indoor Stadium, which honored Dr. Onye E. Akwari.

Since the pandemic’s onset, the team at MAKO Medical laboratories has worked hard to serve the Raleigh community. Chad Price led the workforce to adapt their services and offer COVID-19 testing and research. To date, the team has found more than 160 variant cases of the virus and identified mutations across nine of the 38 states where they conduct their testing.

The variants include the  B.1351, B.117, and L452R mutations. What’s more, Chad Price has extended the brand’s testing capacity from a mere 50,000 COVID-19 tests daily to around 100,000-plus tests per day. As the fight against coronavirus rages around the world, MAKO Medical Laboratories continues to offer innovative testing and research every step of the way.

About MAKO Medical Laboratories

With an expert team of nationally recognized doctors and PhDs, MAKO Medical Laboratories is a leading American healthcare brand. Specializing in methodology development and pathological services, the testing company and labs prioritize patients by offering transparency.

Founded by Chad Price, Adam Price, and Josh Arant in 2014, it aims to disrupt the medical sector. MAKO Medical offers support to veterans and employs a number of them on its delivery team. The company combines a wealth of new technology, including robotics, app platforms, and cloud-based tech. In response to the pandemic, the laboratories have adapted their services to offer accurate testing.

Chad Price is the CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories. He has had a long entrepreneurial career previously co-founding BrideGenie and founding Element Services Group Mechanical LLC. Additionally, he has played a major role in starting Cary Reconstruction and is a board member for Trill A.I. Moreover, he currently offers tailored consulting services to companies embarking on new mergers or primed for growth.

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