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Important Signs Of Mental Illness In Children

Mental disorders in children are quite common, but it can be hard for parents to identify. And since it is hard to identify many children who can benefit from treatment do not get the help that they need. The signs of psychiatric illness can often be differentiated from other behaviors by how long the behavior lasts, the impact on the child's functioning, and the effect it has on other people. It is important to keep a tap on the Children’s Mental Health, and to do that, understanding to recognize the warning signs will be effective.  

What Is Mental Illness? 

Mental health can be defined as the overall wellness of how you think, regulate feelings, and behave. And having a mental illness or disorder can be identified as a pattern or changes in their behavior, feelings, and thinking that can cause distress and disrupt the person's ability to function.  And mental health disorder in children is defined as delays or disruptions in developing age-appropriate thinking, behaviors, social skills, and emotions.  

Common Disorders Among Children- Some of the common mental health disorders amongst children include Anxiety disorder, ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, eating disorder, depression and other mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Schizophrenia. Even the less common developmental disorders can have a life-long impact on the child and the family members. And no matter the age, there is no single cause for mental illness in children. And along with the specific symptoms of each mental disorder, children with mental health issues can also exhibit signs that are specific to their age and developmental status. 

Warning Signs Of Mental Illness In Children- Some of the warning signs that indicate that a child may have mental health disorder include; persistent sickness for two or more weeks, withdrawing from or avoiding social interactions, hurting oneself, or thinking about hurting. You may also notice them talking about death or suicide, often faces outbursts or extreme irritability. Children with mental illness can have lower educational achievement, with out-of-control behaviors that can be harmful. You will also notice a drastic change in their mood, behavior, personality, and eating habits.  

You may also notice them losing weight, face difficulty sleeping, have frequent headaches and stomachaches, and difficulty concentrating in school. You will also notice changes in academic performances and they may end up skipping schools. If you notice that they have lost interest in friends and the activities that they used to enjoy before, it is also an indication. Frequent temper tantrums, aggressive behavior, and hallucinations are other important signs. 

What To Do If There's Any Indication Of Mental Illness In Your Child- If you notice some changes in their behavior and you're concerned about your child's mental illness, the first thing that you should do is consult your child's doctor. When you go in for consulting, you can describe your child's behavior and the behavioral changes that concern you. You can also talk to the child's teacher, close friends, relatives, and other caregivers and see if they have noticed any changes in your child's behavior. Once you have gathered all the information, share it with the doctor. 

How Can You Help Your Child Cope With Mental Illness- If your child has mental health issues, you as a parent will play an important role in supporting your child's treatment plans. Once your child is diagnosed, you should learn about the illness, and consider family counseling. You should also ask your child's mental health professional for advice and how to respond and handle their difficult behavior. You can enroll both you and your spouse in parents training programs, explore stress management techniques, and seek ways to relax and have fun with the child. 

Children’s Mental Health is just as important as their physical health. So, look out for these signs to see if your child has mental health issues.

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