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5 Tips on How to Look After Your Dental Implants Post-Treatment

One of the best things about modern medicine in the dentistry field is the improvement of dental implants. 

 Now, everyone missing a tooth can replace it with ease. The technology has gone so far that you’re never missing a tooth in your jawline again.

The procedure is not the simplest one in the world, but dentists with lots of experience make it look too easy. 

You’re getting anesthesia and get an implant inside the jaw. The new artificial tooth is ready, but you need to be careful using it at the beginning. See more about dental implants here.

In this article, we’re sharing 5 tips that will help you understand post-treatment care of the implant. We will talk more about what you need to and what you should be avoiding. 

Take a look at what we’ve learned over the years, and try to implement it in your daily routine!

1. Don’t touch it non-stop

When the surgery is done and you’re home with a new tooth, you’ll surely feel some pain, swelling, itching, and similar symptoms of having something new inside the mouth. 

It’s crucial not to pay too much attention to it and wait for the artificial tooth and the place beneath to heal. That being said, you should let go of touching it all the time. 

This place needs to heal and even if you feel like something’s happening inside, you should know that this is completely normal. Take your fingers and everything else that comes to mind out of your mouth.

2. Be careful while eating

A part of the implant is a screw inside your jaw. It is metal inside a human bone. It’s not a screw in a block of concrete that becomes stiff right away. 

It takes time for your new artificial tooth to become one with the bone. See how the implants are placed on the link: https://www.medicinenet.com/dental_implants/article.htm.

Until this happens, you need to be careful what and how you eat. You might experience movement if you eat something hard and you might cause a problem. 

That’s why you should avoid eating hard foods that may cause a problem. It takes time for it to perfectly heal, so be careful at the beginning.

3. Bleeding is not the end of the world

A lot of times people lose their minds when they see that the place is bleeding. Especially at the beginning, this is completely normal. You have a screw inside the bone and this is touching sensitive places having lots of soft tissues, which eventually might bleed.

Even later, and a couple of weeks later, the new part and the old bone will still rub one to the other. This may cause internal bleeding which will stop soon. There’s nothing to worry about. Enjoy your new tooth and wait until it fully adapts.

4. Floss and rinse

You can’t be hungry for days. You need to eat something. The food will leave particles in the mouth that will rot inside and cause problems. Just like you’re taking care of the other teeth, you should take care of the new one.

Take regular floss sessions and rinse with disinfectants, just like you should do before going to sleep. This is going to help get rid of the foods that are causing problems. 

You may develop infections around the place of the new tooth if you don’t do this. The artificial tooth itself will be unharmed, but the rest might be problematic if you don’t take good care of it.

5. Do regular exams

Finally, you need to maintain the regular checks at your dentist. Ask them about dental implants aftercare and you’ll see that they’ll say these same things, but they’ll also provide checks from a professional that are highly valuable. 

Having the dentist that performed the surgery check you is an absolute must a few times after the procedure.


These five tips show the things that you must do when taking care of your dental implant. The surgery itself will pass easily, but after it, you have no professional dentist to tell you what to do while you’re at home. Follow the tips from above, and you’ll be fine.

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