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The impact of Medication Assisted Treatment in the healthcare industry


The opioid addiction is becoming a public health issue. Over 1.9 million Americans in the year 2013 were dependent on painkillers, and there were around 517000 people dependent on heroin. MAT or Medication-Assisted Treatment is labelled by the US Department of Health and Human Services' Center to treat drug addiction. This therapy comprises the use of medication for a long period and is quite similar to insulin used by the people who have diabetes.

How opioid affect the brain?

Before understanding how effective is medication-assisted treatment, it is necessary to know the effects of an opioid on the brain. The opiate travels the blood-brain barrier and joins with the receptors on brain cells that activate a neurotransmitters' flow and bring a high in the individuals. The individual taking a regular dose of opioids might get dependent, which can lead to numerous psychological issues. Seek a notable rehab center to gain the best opioid addiction treatment.

How effective is MAT?

Shreds of evidence have shown that Medication-Assisted Treatment is more helpful for treating substance abuse than time-limited medication such as tapering or opioid detoxification. Therefore, this gives a clear idea about the effectiveness of MAT. This therapy has aided many people in lowering their desire for drugs. MAT can work in a day or two. The doctors offer the people opioids activating the similar receptors still are captivated in the blood for an extended period. It avoids withdrawal symptoms and breaks an emotional connection between having drugs and sensing high. Look for the most reputed MAT rehab in the city if anyone in your family has an obsession with heroin.

Medication-Assisted Treatment and mental health

The very common psychotherapy used by the therapist for treating mental sickness is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It is beneficial for treating mental conditions such as anxiety, stress, or depression. Medications have also proven to be effective when it’s about mental health treatment.

There are various medications that the doctors prescribe for treating mental health issues. For example, patients suffering from depression are prescribed antidepressants. To treat anxiety, the doctors usually give Benzodiazepines. For patients with mental ailments like OCD, and eating disorders, the specialist may prescribe antipsychotic medicines. You must note in your head that the doctors prescribing medications for psychological health should be similar to doctors prescribing medication for substance addiction. This can help the psychiatrist to assess any possible interactions.

Settle on the right MAT rehab if you are struggling with substance abuse.

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