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Take Your Restaurant or Bar to the Next Level with a Dedicated Glass Washer

If you own a restaurant or bar, you will understand the importance of using high tech cleaning devices for cutlery and glasses. When serving food or drink, the last thing you need is dirty dishes or grubby glasses going out to the customers. To protect the reputation of your establishment, you must invest in good quality cleaning devices.

Presentation is Essential

When working in the catering or bar industry, you will have entered establishments that were poorly kept and badly presented. It is easy to see why these places struggle to attract customers or retain patrons. If you are working in a bar, the type of glasses you use is important and so is the condition of the glass when you serve them.

To ensure your serve spotlessly clean glasses for craft beer, regular beer, wines, or spirits, you should take advantage of a commercial glasswasher. If a customer stops any residue on the glass, it can quickly ruin the reputation of your business. Customers will think the place is unhygienic and word can spread fast.

There are many things to consider when starting up a restaurant or bar business, one of the most important is whether to invest in good quality automated machinery or hire manual workers to take care of glasses and tableware.

Improving Efficiency & Productivity

Instead of using conventional sinks to rinse the dishes and glasses, businesses can install washers that get rid of any grime or debris that finds its way onto glasses or tableware.

A high-temperature glasswasher will make operations more effective as they eliminate the need for manual labour. Staff no longer have to worry about cleaning the glasses, all they have to do is load the glasswasher and let the machine do the work. A good quality washer is designed to leave the glasses clean, sanitise every item, and remove any residue.

Once the cleaning cycle has finished, the glasses come out looking as good as new. Installing automated glasswashers and other machines that cleaning more efficient help to improve productivity. Staff can focus on other more important tasks knowing that the machine will churn out spotless clean glasses every time.

What to Buy

Effectively cleaning food from dishes or residue from glasses is an important part of business hygiene. It stops harmful bacteria and other pathogens from spreading to other staff members and customers. When shopping for a good quality glasswasher for a bar or restaurant, it is important to look for some of these features:

·         A large machine that is suitable for commercial purposes.

·         Easy to clean and maintain.

·         Easy to understand the control and operate the machine.

·         Automated system that requires little human input.

As you can see, there are many advantages to investing in a commercial glasswasher. If you are running a restaurant or bar, you need to make a good first impression or it could ruin the reputation of your business. While the drinks you serve are important, so are the glasses you choose to present them in.

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