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How to Ace Online Transcription Tests? Consider 6 Helpful Hacks

Transcription could be defined as the process of converting a speech, either recorded or live, into an electronic or written text document. Transcriptionists generally have to work with doctors, academicians, entrepreneurs, and lawyers. Well, if you are planning on becoming one, make sure to ace the online test. A couple of hacks that have proven to help include:

1.      Practice Typing

The experts offering affordable medical transcription services said every organisation has its own standards for suitable typing speed. That being said, you must be capable of typing at least 70 words per minute. Learn to place the fingers on the keyboard without looking during the practice sessions.

It will help to run-through transcription from audios and videos that you enjoy. If you wish to pursue a career in this particular field, please make typing a habit. Remember, in most cases, precision is more significant than speed, even though both are mandatory skills.

2.      Listen Attentively

Being able to hear even the most subdued words is a major requirement for passing the test. Typing multiple wrong words can affect the score to a great extent. When you practice, please be completely focused on the audio and get rid of the distractions. That usually means turning off the television or any other background noise.

There may be instances when words are outright unintelligible. You have to assume in accordance with the context or put whatever you heard within a bracket. The online tests are timed, so use your best judgment quickly.

3.      Understand Punctuation

Punctuation is challenging because different rules are used by different sources, based on the purpose. In case of the US, commas and periods are placed inside the quotation, but, in the UK, they are placed outside. Transcribing for the media sector is a whole new concept that you have to master. The commentary-based recordings do not have ‘proper English’, which may come as a shock.

4.      Brush Up Spelling and Grammar

Appropriate spelling and grammar are immensely necessary. When you practice transcription, use a spellcheck program. This will gauge your competence. Also, be thoroughly acquainted with the eight categories of words used in English:

·         Nouns

·         Pronouns

·         Verbs

·         Adjectives

·         Adverbs

·         Conjunctions

·         Prepositions

·         Interjections

5.      Learn Formatting

In order to score high, you must be aware of the transcription formatting. Typically, you are required to insert line breaks between the dialogues of the speakers. The identifiers like ‘speaker’ or ‘audience’ is written in bold. You must save the file using the correct name and extension. Pay attention to font size and type, page layout, and margin.

6.      Utilise Critical Thinking

The experts determining the Australian transcription rates emphasised the importance of critical thinking. There will be times when you must arrive at decisions regarding what the speaker might have said. Since many words have double meanings. You have to think and type whether a person said ‘hear’ or ‘here.’

Passing an online transcription test is not complicated if you prepare with utmost diligence. While typing speed improves over time, the main concern is if one manages to interpret the dialogues they heard accurately. It is necessary to develop a complete understanding of what the profession involves in terms of schedule, tools, topics, etc., before applying for the certification.

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