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How a patient feels after a gastric sleeve surgery


A person after having a successful gastric sleeve in Mexico experiences numerous changes in his/her life. It has been confirmed by many medical reports that gastric sleeve is not the complete solution for weight loss, but it is a beneficial technique for obese patients. It is a type of bariatric surgery that can aid in quick weight reduction. Consequently, obese patients get a new life after gastric sleeve.

A healthy life after gastric sleeve surgery depends upon the devotion shown by the patient towards the surgeon's orders. The surgeon suggests the patients follow a suitable diet and perform regular exercises during the postoperative period.

Here are some imperative things to contemplate for bringing a change in your life

  1. A healthy diet is a significant thing that the patients are asked to follow. They can add different types of food items after a few months. The main nutrient, which plays a meaningful role in the post-surgery period is protein. Intake of protein-based foods or protein drinks can be helpful in the recovery process. Before taking any multivitamins, the patients must take the suggestions of a medical expert, or dietician.
  2. The patient in the post-surgery period should start walking. They should begin with a moderate workout, and after a few weeks, they can increase their exercise time. Exercises like cardio, stretching, and weightlifting must be performed by the patients. They must wait for the doctor's consent before starting with physical exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.
  3. Rest is essential after the operation. It is necessary for the patient to set a bedtime. If the sleep quality is poor, then there are probabilities of depression and weight gain.
  4. The life after sleeve gastrectomy can be transformed fully if the patients quit bad habits like smoking. Avoiding tobacco can lower the chances of complication. Smoking cigarettes can lead to a reduction in the blood supply to various parts of the body. Staying away from all these habits can keep the lungs healthy and increase the patients' lifespan after a gastric sleeve in Mexico.
  5. The post-surgery period is full of ups and downs. Therefore, the patients are asked to stay positive and look for extra support if they need.
  6. Keeping the body hydrated can lead to fast healing and better digestion. The patients are required to have at least 64 ounces of water in the whole day.
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