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4 Popular New Fitness Trends& What They Offer to Clients

One of the best things about the fitness industry today is the amount of variety around in different gyms. Only a short time ago most gyms only offered your basic fitness classes that consisted of step aerobics and other simple training sessions. Nowadays, you can choose from a multitude of fitness classes making working out a lot more fun.

1.       Indoor Parkour

Most of you have probably never heard of parkour, but a quick YouTube search will help you to learn more about this incredible training discipline. Parkour is a physical training movement that developed from the military. It sees people of all ages attempt to move around, under, over, and through manmade and natural obstacles. Some practitioners use outdoor courses while others train indoors in a fixed location.

Indoor parkour is becoming popular throughout the world and places like Australia have embraced this new form of physical movement. A Ninja Parc gym for sale in Melbourne will have a designated parkour area where members can try this demanding new form of physical exercise. It combines all kinds of movements such as jumping, climbing, rolling, and vaults.

2.       Muay Thai

Although Muay Thai or Thai Boxing has been around for a long time, it only recently has been changed into a full-body cardiovascular workout. This ancient martial art form provides the body with a cardio workout that helps to build core strength, stamina, coordination, and endurance.

There are lots of basic exercises you can do alone or in a group that will keep you fit and strong. Some of these routines get boring and that is why lots of people are trying new exercise routines.

3.       Virtual Trainers

With Covid-19 still prominent in many countries, virtual training has taken off as many people have no choice but to exercise at home or outdoors. Personal trainers can sometimes be expensive but online trainers are offering their services for a fraction of the cost.

There is a rise in online coaching and this fitness trend is set to continue. It is a convenient service for client and trainer as both parties do not even have to be in the same country.

4.       High-Intensity Low Impact Training (HILIT)

While HIIT or high-intensity impact training is still popular, HILIT is starting to take off as many older adults and people with injuries want to avail of the benefits of high-intensity interval training.

Exercisers get the same intense workout as normal HIIT classes but with less of an impact on their muscles, joints, and ligaments. It is much gentler on the body and people of all ages and fitness levels can do it. HILIT combines the benefits of HIIT in a low impact environment.

There you have it, four fitness training trends that are going to be massive in 2021 and beyond. Gym goers are looking for new training methods and systems to push their bodies and reach their goals. When you get tired of basic training techniques, it makes sense to try something new to motivate yourself and enjoy the experience.

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