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Why BJJ Is Making Rounds on Main Stream Media

BJJ or Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most loved forms of martial arts. Just a few years ago, no one was familiar with BJJ at all, although mix martial arts and martial arts, in general, was respected when it came to BJJ people would know Japanese jiu-jitsu more than BJJ. With the tremendous growth of UFC, everyone learned about BJJ, and now it has become a major part of mainstream martial arts and combat fighting genres. As time passes, people are learning to love BJJ in general, they want to know more about BJJ, and due to this surge in popularity, BJJ instructors and BJJ gyms are now opening doors for people who want to learn about BJJ.

One of the main things that have contributed to its popularity is the fact that big Hollywood stars are following BJJ and UFC. They give shout outs to players and openly confess that they love UFC. As a rule of influencer marketing, people are now drawn towards BJJ, they not only love the game because of these big celebs, but they have learned to love the game beyond the parameters of mainstream media. People are now opting for BJJ training sessions because of multiple other reasons, and this has further added to its popularity. For most of us, this popularity might seem quite strange, considering no one was familiar with BJJ just a few years ago, and it has become a global phenomenon now. For the beginners, we have listed a few major reasons that have contributed to the popularity of BJJ in general.

MeToo Movement

As the harassment cases are now getting recognition with the help of various harassment movements, people are now getting more aware of the various situations that women have to go through. Due to this situation, more women are now opting for BJJ and learning self-defense. This will not only be helpful for them to save themselves in the hours of need but also help others who are in need just in case if there is an emergency, or something else happens. Most instructors are offering specific BJJ training courses for women, and to further polish the skill and learn techniques, more people are watching UFC and other BJJ related combats and competition so they can learn everything far more easily.

Favor to Weak and Small

Unlike other combat-based games where the big and bulky wins, and we hate to watch it, BJJ is one of the very few combat games where the other person, no matter how big and bulky, can easily be defeated with the right technique and right skills set. BJJ doesn’t discriminate between men, women, old or young; it only favors the one who has more practice and a better understanding of the game. With the help of BJJ, one can learn decision making as well as ways to read the opponent; this can also be applied in the future and in day-to-day life. All these things might not feel like they are related, but you will see a significant difference in your daily life as well.

Less Intense

When we think about combat training or fighting, we usually end up thinking about blood and pain. Even in the easiest games like boxing, we have seen star players with blood pouring down their faces. This graphic imagery has impacted the spirit of the game, and people now don’t like these combat-based games. On the other hand, BJJ is completely different; it provides a good enough safe space to help both opponents learn about the game and practice the technique in the best way possible.

Safety First

BJJ is a defense-based game that is used mainly for self-defense rather than aggressively attacking the other person. It has been specially designed to help people who get attacked or harassed, and considering the given condition, more people are leaning towards it. Even parents who usually associate such games with violence and bullying are now willing to help their kids learn BJJ so their kids can learn discipline and they can further learn the art of balancing defense and day to day reaction. This will not only help the child in developing confidence but also empathy and a sense of justice in society.

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