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White Glove Logistics: Final Mile Delivery for the Healthcare Industry

Cutting-edge technology is merging with medical services to create hi-tech equipment to aid in patient diagnosis and this technical equipment demands professional transportation and installation. MRI and Cat scanning machines are examples of the type of equipment that needs final mile delivery and installation services, which are supplied by the white glove logistics company.

What is Final Mile Delivery?

When a large piece of technical equipment is ready to be installed, the manufacturer would deliver the consignment to a location near to the final destination, and with medical delivery from Rhenus High Tech, the equipment is carefully manoeuvred into position and secured. This is not the end of the contract, as the white glove team will configure the apparatus and after some testing, the equipment is ready for use and is handed over to the customer.

Fitness Equipment

Next time you are at the gym working out, all that complex equipment had to be transported and installed, a task for the white glove logistics team, who are manufacturer-approved to work on the equipment. Running and rowing machines, weightlifting apparatus and other types of equipment all require specialised handling. Click here for information about alternative medicine, which is becoming very popular.

Reverse Logistics

Let’s say that an MRI scanner suddenly malfunctions and the technicians are not able to repair the equipment on site, which means the white glove team would return the equipment to the manufacturer for repairs, and it might be required to dismantle and dispose of the equipment. A piece of equipment might be resold and it needs to be transported and installed at a new location, which is a job for the white glove technicians.

Dental Equipment

Hi-tech dental robotics are now being seen in state-of-the-art dental clinics around the world, plus the drilling and lighting equipment is also specialised and all of this type of equipment is the domain on the white glove logistics firm. The technicians would be expected to attend workshops on how to handle their equipment and one technician would usually restrict themself to a certain type of equipment, which they would work with.

Special Logistics Equipment

When transporting and manoeuvring bulky medical equipment, the white glove logistics company uses special devices that allows them to raise heavy apparatus over stairways and around corners. As you can imagine, handling this type of equipment demands a high level of knowledge and the manufacturer will not allow anyone to touch the equipment until it has been signed over to the customer.

Product Training

The white glove technicians must attend many workshops and seminars to learn about the equipment they work with and to be approved by the manufacturer. This would take up a lot of time, but without it, the technician would not be permitted to work with the equipment; some work exclusively with ATMs, other specialise in medical equipment, while some work exclusively with touch-screen information boards.

If you are ever in need of white glove logistics, search online for a leading UK company and they can arrange for final mile delivery and installation.

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