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What Is the Four-Month Sleep Regression? Everything Explained

Parenthood is a beautiful phase of life that every couple has to pass through. Being the parents to such cute little angles, tearing up a bit is completely acceptable.

With this new journey you embark on, there comes a lot of new experiences. Some of these later become the moments you cherish the most. Like the first step taken, the first work spoke, and much more.

Want to know the best part?

But with these moments, there also comes some phases where you want to cry out loud. One of the scariest of these is 4-month sleep regression. This is a phenomenon that every parent has to face no matter what. And the worst part is that it is a recurring phrase that won't just go away.

So today we are here to help you out in better understanding this term. We have explained everything that you ever wanted to know about sleep regression. Let's get started!

What is 4-month Sleep Regression?

If you want to understand it in simple terms, it means a disrupted sleep cycle. When babies start to grow, it is common for them to undergo sleep regression.

Usually, they are heavy sleepers but not after being 3-4 months old. They would now start to turn into light sleepers, wake up often, create a fuss, and so on.

The first regression starts at the age of 4-months. Then it reappears around 8-months, 12-months, and 18-months. But the worse of these all is the 4-month sleep regression.

As it is the first experience for both; babies and parents. It gets easier with time to tackle and understand the phase.

What causes Sleep Regression?

Now, most of us may not know the real cause of sleep regression. Some parents link it to the crawling, teething, or sickness of their babies. But the fact is that babies remain in their in-utero sleep schedule for 4-months.

According to the certified child sleep consultants, babies drop into deep non-REM sleep. Hence by rocking/nursing, a 2-month old baby will put him to sleep. Either it is a car, any room, even outside, the baby can sleep.

But the real pain starts when the baby crosses 3-4 months and won't sleep. Even the usual rocking, singing won't work like it did but you need to put more effort.

Things You Need to Know

During the sleep regression, a lot of changes occur but lack of sleep the major one. They start to learn a lot of new things, crawling, teething, etc.

Along with these changes, the sleep pattern is also influenced. In fact, it is the growth that alters your child's sleep and causes disruption.

When the baby reaches 4-months of age, it is their first time being busy. They start being a lot more active indulging in new activities every day. From small movements to finally gaining motor control.

There is more...

Moreover, the usual sleep duration is 16 hours but now it shifts to somewhat 8 hours. And then 3-4 hours of short or continuous nap during the day.

By reducing the noises, keeping a steady room temp, minimal lights. These factors can surely contribute and help the infant be at peace.

You can start by taking help from your spouse or others at home. Try to establish a certain schedule and sleep environment. Avoid any distractions nearby that may grab your child's attention.

The regression can arise from various reasons but the major is growth. It is completely normal and you don't need to stress over it instead use some tips.

Also, keep a keen eye to differentiate between regression and usual sickness. Sometimes it is simply the effect of teething that causes a lack of sleep. Or your child might show excessive fussiness and cry often.


With the help of a proper sleeping schedule, you can control the regression at an early stage. Also, you need to show some patience as the infant can't express emotions.

Though we covered every possible aspect relevant to sleep regression. For further queries, feel free to contact us and clear your doubt.

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