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What Is an Archangel: The Ultimate Guide

The devil is often considered an antonym to the word angel. However, did you know that the devil is technically an angel too?

Yes, biblical terminology can often get confusing, and you may find yourself asking all kinds of questions about angels, archangels and saints.

This article aims to simplify the answers to these questions. In particular, we will take an in-depth look at what is an archangel and how they differ from angels in general.

Let's get straight to it!

Who Are Angels?

Angels are intermediates between God (or a supreme heavenly being) and humans. They serve as attendants to God and messengers who convey God's words and intentions to human beings.

They are generally presumed to possess high degrees of intelligence and are also immortal. As described in the Bible, they were created by God and exist for him.

This brings us to the next question.

What Is an Archangel?

The word archangel is derived from the Greek language, which loosely translates to mean chief of angels. It is believed that God created angels and established a hierarchy in heaven. Archangels are at the top of this hierarchy, being assigned tasks of supreme importance.

Various texts differ on the number of archangels there are. For example, the Canonical Bible recognizes two angels - Michael and Gabriel. The Book of Enoch, however, mentions seven, including Raphael, Urial, Raguel, Zerachiel and Remiel.

Some faiths consider Michael to be the one and only archangel.

The Role of an Archangel

Each of the archangels is assigned different roles. Here is a brief description of some of their roles as described by various texts.

St. Michael

Michael defends those who love God. His role is to fight and ward off Satan, promote and protect the Church and bring all those who are faithful to God to heaven upon death.

St. Gabriel

Gabriel stands for what is right and aims to provide protection to anyone who needs it. He can also help heal you from various diseases, illnesses and injuries. He can accompany on your journey of self-exploration, providing you with the support you need.

St. Raphael

Raphael is the healer. He is deeply compassionate and works towards bringing everyone closer to God. He will offer limitless compassion during times of mental, physical or spiritual distress.

He is also depicted as having a close relationship with nature.

Exploring Your Faith

So, what is an archangel? In a nutshell, archangels are simply the most supreme of all the angels in heaven. While faiths vary on who they recognize as true archangels, most acknowledge the existence of at least one - St. Michael.

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