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What Are the Top Treatments and Exercises for Back Pain?

Americans seek medical attention for chronic pain more than any other reason. Chronic back pain tends to keep people from going to work and impair their quality of life.

While aging can bring about new aches, you should never surrender to the pain. Read on to learn about the top treatments and exercises for back pain.


The chiropractic health care profession aims to properly align the skeleton, treat acute and chronic pain in joints, muscles, and nerves due to misalignment, and aid the body's natural healing ability. For some people, this can seem scary, as they pull, twist, and manipulate different parts of the body. But, remember that your chiropractic specialist spends many years in an intense education program to learn this practice.

Though your back pain may have alerted you to the problem, a misaligned spine could be affecting other important functions. It can also cause inflammation, nerve damage, stress, a slowed metabolism, and sleep issues.

Often you will experience instant pain relief during your visit. But, you may need to continue chiropractic treatment to correct your alignment.


Another one of the best natural treatments for back pain is massage. Massage may seem like an indulgence, but it truly offers a number of health benefits that make it medically indicated.

Throughout human history, people looked to the power of 'healing hands'. Science shows that laying hands on another person actually does reduce stress and speed up healing.

During a massage, your body will reduce stress hormones and release feel-good endorphins that relax you and reduce the sensation of pain. As the therapist rubs the muscles, they also reduce painful tension. Massage improves circulation, bringing nutrient-rich blood into all of the tissues to improve the body's natural healing ability.

Yoga Exercises for Back Pain

Vinyasa flows warm up the body and then gently stretch muscles in order that both mentally and physically prepares you for the following. This helps to prevent injury.

Committing to daily yoga practice may help correct the underlying issue causing your back pain. It also strengthens supporting muscles and helps you maintain a healthy weight which can eliminate certain types of back pain. If you can only find a few minutes, try facing dog, sphinx pose, and child pose.


Daily meditation can also help. Though more of an exercise for the brain, it does actually benefit your body.

It reduces stress, which relaxes muscle tension, and trains you to focus on things outside of your suffering.


When pain significantly reduces your mobility, try swimming. The buoyancy makes exercise easier on painful muscles and joints.

The backstroke typically helps best for back pain. Swimming in a heated pool or doing the motions in a large jacuzzi will aid in pain relief.

Choose Pain-Free Living

You do not need to accept your pain as a life sentence. Take a proactive approach to ease your pain. These treatments and exercises for back pain offer you a natural way to improve the quality of your life without medication or surgery.

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