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List of Very Common But Painful Sports Injuries that Athletes Incur

In most of the occasions when athletes step down for an encounter with their opponents, they start it with a threat of incurring sports injury. Instead of enough precautions, modern sports gears, and extreme fitness level, athletes get injuries, which has now become inevitable. But this does not stop them from playing and performing on the grounds.

Sports injury specialist here plays an important role as they take care of the injuries through rehabilitation and strength conditioning programs. This post mainly talks about different kinds of sports injuries that are very common yet very painful for the athletes.

Shin Splints

For shin splints, athletes grumble about pain in the bone of the lower leg or the tibia in most of the cases. This is very frequent with the athletes where the sports deals with a considerable amount of running like soccer, American football, and basketball. It is also common with the weekend warriors who do not follow proper body warm-up sessions before playing any sport.

·         ACL Strain

ACL is a ligament that typically runs behind the knee in between the tibia (shin bone) and femur (thighbone). Strains can work as an alarm to sustain the legs once the body back to pre-injury condition. It happens because of sudden deceleration, such as pausing a dime and then cut into another direction, or because of the knee's hyperextension.

·         Concussion

A concussion is considered a brain injury that happens when someone is hit badly on the head. It’s not that all the concussions events result in a loss of consciousness, but they also cause nausea, loss of balance in the body, difficulty in having attentiveness, loss of memory, faintness, severe headaches, awkwardness, as well as many other outcomes. This is common with the athletes playing contact sports like boxing, hockey, football, and many others.

·         Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are very common with different sports injuries, starting from strains on the muscles, dislocation, sprains on the ligament, and misalignment. Experts have suggested that the shoulder is one of the weakest joints of the body, and it is also subjected to a great deal of force during any given athletic activity. One of the biggest causes of these injuries is the lack of strength or stabilization as well as flexibility in the body.

Apart from all these injuries, professional athletes and weekend warriors also incur other injuries, but these are very common. Make sure to get in touch with professional sports injury specialists to get the best advice on dealing with the injury and recovering from it.

Description: Sports injuries have become very common for athletes and even for the weekend warriors. Different types of sports injuries happen to athletes, and the pain varies from one injury to another. Let’s have a look at the post to know about different sports injuries that are very common but very painful.

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