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How to Stop the Room From Spinning

Women are more likely than men to feel vertigo, and around 40 percent of all adults will get it at least once in their life. The most common cause of vertigo is the excessive formation of calcium crystals in the ear.

If you have suffered from vertigo, you know how scary it can be. The good news is that there are plenty of remedies that you can try at home, talk to an alternative therapist about, or see a medical professional for an examination.

Don't delay, read all about how to stop the room from spinning today.

How to Stop the Room From Spinning

Vertigo is described as if the room were spinning around you. This is not an ailment, but a symptom of an underlying issue. Not sure what is causing these dizzy spells?

Vertigo can be a confusing health concern, and can come from any number of these:

  • B-12 deficiency
  • Medication side effect
  • Migraines
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Vestibular neuritis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Ménière's disease
  • Excess caffeine intake
  • Brain or neck injury

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) often accompanies vertigo, also vomiting, nausea, and rapid eye movements. This can be a chronic problem or an acute flareup brought on by internal/external causes. Remedies for vertigo can vary from taking vitamins to seeing a chiropractor.

Take Notes

To better understand why and when you are experiencing vertigo, take detailed notes on the episodes. Record everything you notice about the sensation and what was happening around you at the time. This will come in handy either for your own knowledge or notes to pass along to your doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc.

Limit Visual Stimulants

One major dizziness relief hack is to limit visual stimulants. Especially with flashing lights and screentime, vertigo can be instant or increased. Visual vertigo can be a disease of its own and can be a factor of other causes of vertigo.

Make an Otolaryngologist Appointment

The most common cause of vertigo is found in the ear. Making an appointment to see an Otolaryngologist (ear doctor) will help you get to the root of the problem. They will do an examination and often prescribe medicine, perform an ear draining technique, or instruct you on how to do at-home physical therapy.


How can getting a chiropractic adjustment help with vertigo? A chiropractic adjustment is a vital tool in helping the body to function at its best. An adjustment also helps the patient regain a better balance.

Home Exercises

Variations of home exercises that have you start in a seated position, tilt your head in a certain direction for a length of time then lie down on the opposite side are very effective. These exercises include foster maneuver, semontmaneuver, and a few others. Vestibular rehabilitation by a physical therapist may be recommended to improve balance and reduce vertigo symptoms.

Ear Candling

Primarily done by alternative therapists or done at home, ear candling helps to drain the ear of excessive wax and also the calcium crystal buildup that causes vertigo. The ear candles are hollow wax-covered cones that get placed in the ear and after they are lit and blown out the suction draws out the impurities.


Homeopathic medicine is an all-natural approach to healing. Belladonna is an herb from the nightshade family that is used to treat fever, headaches, asthma, vertigo, and more. Available in a liquid or dissolvable tablet form.


Typically used for motion sickness, CocculusIndicus is a homeopathic medicine that is one of the most powerful natural remedies for vertigo. This flowering and fruiting plant grows in places like China and Malaysia. Taken orally or sublingually, it's safe for everyday use.


An acupuncture treatment may relieve vertigo yet can be used to treat the underlying cause, as well. The practitioner may place small needles in the liver, spleen, or stomach points. Needles may also be placed on points to move stagnation in the body.


Often referred to as acupuncture without the needles, acupressure is an effective form of alternative medicine to treat vertigo and underlying causes. Acupressure promotes wellness as well as relaxation. This treatment can be done while you are sitting or lying down.


A type of massage, reflexology works with points on the hands, feet, and ears. Reflexologists use varying amounts of pressure on points that reflect certain systems of the body and body parts to improve functions, relieve pain, and eliminate toxins. Reflexology helps vertigo by improving energy flow and internal equilibrium.

Staying Hydrated

Reducing sodium intake and increasing water intake can help to relieve acute and chronic vertigo. When the body is dehydrated, it often affects the blood pressure and can cause dizziness. Drinking water when vertigo hits can ease the symptoms, and staying hydrated may help vertigo not to return.

Check Sugar Levels

Avoid spikes and dips in blood sugar levels to fight off vertigo. Diabetics and hypoglycemic often experience vertigo when their sugar goes up or down too quickly. This can happen from eating or drinking the wrong things and also from taking too much medication or missing a dose.

Get More Sleep

With chronic vertigo, light and sound sensitivities are exacerbated during sleep and can make it very difficult to get sound sleep. Block out all possible noise and light before bed. Also, laying down, especially when not using pillows, can make vertigo kick in.

Turning over is not an option for some vertigo sufferers, and sleeping on your back is highly recommended. Sleeping on your back with the use of pillows will help discourage the formation of crystals in your ears.

Supplements and Vitamin

Omega-3 is found in cold-water fatty fish, walnuts, and seeds like flax. This fatty acid helps improve balance and reduce inflammation. Dizziness relief tricks typically list taking omega-3 as a daily supplement.

Magnesium-rich foods include nuts, seeds, and legumes. A deficiency in this mineral is often overlooked as a culprit for vertigo.

The B vitamins are essential for healthy bodily functions, in particular, B-12 helps give the brain the blood flow that it needs. Neurological issues can trigger vertigo and can be supported by taking vitamin B-12 supplements daily.

Avoid These Foods

  • Caffeine
  • Sodium
  • Gluten
  • Processed food
  • Alcohol
  • High doses of aspirin

Avoid These Activities

  • Driving
  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Smoking/Nicotine intake
  • Spinning (dancing, playing)
  • Tilting your head too far or too quickly

Check Your Medication Side Effects

If you read the side effects of many prescription medications you will find that vertigo and dizziness are listed. Talk to your doctor if this is the case, they may lower your dose or prescribe you something to counteract the dizziness such as an antihistamine.

Stop the Spin

Get a handle on your health and start putting these tips into action. Learn how to stop the room from spinning and take control of the situation. It may be as simple as avoiding certain foods or circumstances, and that takes minimal effort on your part.

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