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The Nightmare Of Prescription Opioids


Imagine going to the doctor one day with a headache or back pain and he prescribes you opioid pills to ease the pain, but fast forward a few months and you’ve lost everything in order to support the habit of said pills. Hard to believe right? Well, that is the reality for a lot of people. Here is a list of prescription opioids to be cautious of.






       Xtampza ER.



       Xartemis XR.

Many people who end up taking such medication end up getting incredibly addicted. Addiction to opiates can start very small and look different for many people, it is not one shoe fits all in this situation, but there are some warning signs which include:

       Taking a higher dose each time to reach the desired effect.

       Going to multiple doctors to get more pain pills (doctor shopping).

       Not being able to go a day without taking opiates.

Eventually no amount can give the same results as before and people begin to look for a cheaper and stronger alternative, Heroin. Doctor visits and prescription pain medication can get very expensive but for the majority stopping is not an option, by this point they are physically dependent and have developed withdrawals. These drugs hijack your mind, enslave you, and bend you to their will. Life for these individuals is no longer about living but the means and ways to get a fix. Many people keep asking the question “why don’t they just stop?” Well, there is a simple answer to that question. What if you were sick, let’s say with the flu/cold and someone looked at you and said “why don’t you just stop being sick?” One thing that must be understood is that addiction is a disease, and you can’t treat a disease on your own or without help. There is hope, in recent years there have been an increase in resources available for those suffering with addiction, including detox facilities, treatment centers, support groups , and much more. If you or a loved one is struggling, do not be ashamed to talk to someone and reach out for help.

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