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Facts About Myopia Management, Prevention And Cure

If you have heard myopia or not heard it, it is a common vision condition known as nearsightedness. Myopia is a vision condition wherein a patient see near objects clearly, but far objectives may be visible yet blurry. The vision condition usually occurs during the shape of the eye causes refract. Refract means light rays bends incorrectly. It is when focusing images occurs in front of the retina rather than on the retina. When dealing with a serious vision condition, opportunities like management, prevention, and cure can be enacted. It is what clinical myopia management delivers to all nearsightedness patients. 

Can myopia cause blindness?  


Myopia can lead to increased risk due to different serious eye conditions, such as:


       Myopic macular degeneration

       Retinal detachment




Simple myopia can be treated and cured; however, when the said eye condition is that serious condition, it probably leads to blindness or visual impairment. The said eye disease becomes more widespread as the levels of myopia is gradually increasing.  


Levels of myopia


The optometrist will work out how much power the eye focuses on, which is measured using dioptres. It measures how strong the lens, giving a focused vision. The myopia levels will be based on how many dioptres of the lens would need to correct the sight back to its normal vision. The higher number, the more nearsighted you are. Levels of myopia are:


1.      Mild myopia. It is defined up to -3.00 dioptres. At this level, the patient is one hundred percent dependent on contact lenses or glasses. The lenses can be thin and light.

2.      Moderate myopia. It has dioptres values from -3.00 to -6.00. Wearing prescribed contact lenses and glasses means the vision will become fully functional.

3.      High myopia. It is over -6.00 dioptres. Without contact lenses or glasses, you will be legally blind.  


The causes of myopia

Most often, myopia is inherited. But some would say that the increase of myopia all around the world is due to environmental causes, such as:


       Lack of time outdoors

       Too much close work (typing)


       Laboratory work or screen-time


Eyecare specialists diagnosed myopia during younger ages, and high myopia is gradually increasing in the number of patients recently. The WHO pays serious attention to myopia. There is a prediction that nearly half of the world's population in 2050 will be myopic.

Can myopia be controlled?

Myopia treatment includes the following:



       Contact lenses

       Eye drops

       Exposure outdoors and light

       Binocular vision training


Myopia usually appears in children at ages 8 to twelve, which can worsen in the teenage years. With the growing numbers of gadget users, myopia runs the same population, which needs to be controlled with clinical myopia management. For children and teenagers, you have to be aware of myopia's causes and possible treatment to avoid the said eye condition.     
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