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5 Arthritis Products to Ease Everyday Pain and Joint Stiffness

According to the CDC, about 54 million American adults—or roughly 23% of the population—suffer from arthritis. It can force these people to deal with almost constant pain in some or all of their joints.

If you've been diagnosed with arthritis, you should know that you don't have to suffer in silence all the time. There are lots of arthritis products that can help to make your pain more manageable and even eliminate it altogether in some cases.

Here are five arthritis products that you should think about investing in to ease everyday pain and joint stiffness.

1. Gloves

When you have arthritis, there's a decent chance that your hands are going to ache almost all the time. Buying a pair of compression gloves made specifically for those with arthritis could work wonders for you.

You won't ever want to take these gloves off once you feel the relief that they provide. They'll reduce the swelling that may take place in your hands as a result of your arthritis.

2. Bottle and Jar Openers

Opening bottles and jars can be a real chore for those with arthritis. It can be almost impossible for them to open, say, a jar of pickles.

A bottle gripper will make this chore slightly easier than it would be otherwise. You'll be able to get a good grip on bottles and jars from now on.

3. Walk-In Tubs

People who have arthritis may not be able to climb in and out of a regular bathtub. In some cases, it can stop them from bathing as often as they should.

The answer to this problem is a walk-in tub. You won't have any issues getting in and out of this type of tub. It'll allow you to continue to bathe in peace without worrying about slipping and falling in your bathroom.

4. Orthopedic Shoes

We touched on how your hands are going to hurt on a regular basis when you have arthritis. Your feet are going to hurt, too.

Regular shoes might not cut it for you anymore. You'll need orthopedic shoes made specifically for those with arthritis.

Shop around for the best shoes for arthritis and pick up a pair for yourself to make your foot pain a thing of the past.

5. Walking Canes

All of the arthritis products that we've talked about thus far have one thing in common. They all make it easier for people with arthritis to make basic movements throughout their daily life.

A walking cane will also fit into this category. It'll let you walk around without the pain that usually accompanies doing it.

Pick Up These Arthritis Products Today and Make Pain Go Away

There is pretty much always going to be a little bit of pain that you'll have to work your way through when you have arthritis. But you shouldn't have to deal with crippling pain that makes it difficult to do things like open a jar, take a bath, or even just go for a walk.

Pick up the arthritis products mentioned here to stop pain related to arthritis from slowing you down. You'll improve your quality of life by leaps and bounds by welcoming these items into your home.

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