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Top 7 Most Effective Natural Energy Boosts


Did you know that caffeine can cause over 20 harmful side-effects?

If you're feeling more fatigued than usual, you might be on the hunt for a quick energy boost to revive you. But, if a cup of coffee leaves you with jitters or increases your anxiety, where do you turn?

Luckily, there are plenty of natural energy boosts that you can harness! From food to lifestyle changes, these au natural methods will help you fight fatigue and tackle the day with ease.

Here are our top natural ways to boost energy.

1. Up Your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is a key mineral in your body that's responsible for around 300 biochemical reactions! One of these is the process of turning glucose into energy. If you don't have enough magnesium in your body, your energy levels can drop and you might find yourself feeling very fatigued.

To up your magnesium intake, here's what you should be eating:

  • A handful of cashews, almonds, or hazelnuts daily
  • Add more whole grains to your diet
  • Eat more fish

If you eat a more magnesium-focused diet, you should find your energy levels starting to rise!

2. Get Moving

Exercise is one of the proven ways of boosting your energy. If you're not moving enough, it's not that surprising that you're feeling more tired! Try and go for a walk or jog to circulate oxygen in your body and generate more energy for your cells to burn.

Exercise has also been shown to boost your mood and self-esteem, which can help you feel more motivated to get up and go. When it's time to sleep, it can also help your rest better so that you can wake up the next morning feeling more refreshed. Next time you're feeling a little low, get moving and see if it helps.

3. Quit Smoking

Did you know that the nicotine in your cigarettes could be affecting your sleep? Because it's a stimulant, a cigarette close to bedtime can leave you tossing and turning for hours! Smoking has been shown to disrupt your sleep, from causing insomnia to having less deep sleep, and could be the cause of your low energy.

This is just one of the reasons to quit smoking. If you've got a nicotine addiction, this is your sign to break the habit and work towards a healthier, happier you.

4. Try a Natural Supplement

When it comes to how to boost your energy, natural supplements can help. Try adding a daily multivitamin to your diet to make sure you're getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its best. You could also try an energy supplement like the Usana products, which are great for giving you a boost when you need it.

Whilst it isn't necessarily a supplement, matcha is also great if you're looking for natural ways to boost energy. It's a great alternative to coffee as it has less caffeine but also contains a substance called L-theanine, helping your body absorb the caffeine it does contain much slower. This gives you a more regulated, sustained energy boost compared to the kick you get from coffee.

5. Avoid Alcohol

If you're drinking alcohol frequently, it might be responsible for your frequent fatigue. Too much alcohol in the evening could be disrupting your nightly sleep and stopping you from getting the rest you need.

Alcohol is also a sedative, so if you enjoy a glass with your lunch you shouldn't be surprised if you keep feeling tired in the afternoon! If you are going to drink alcohol, just drink a little when you don't mind your energy taking a hit. But if you can, avoid it and see if your energy-lows are improved.

6. Get Hydrated

If you're not drinking enough water, one of the first signs is actually fatigue! Water is great for hydrating your body and keeping it functioning as it should, and it's one of the best natural energy boosts out there. It's also far better than expensive energy-drinks, so when you're feeling tired, try drinking a couple of glasses of water and see what it does for your body.

7. Foods That are Natural Energy Boosters

Food is an amazing source of energy for the body and certain substances can provide that quick boost that you're looking for. Take a look at these different foods to eat when you need to feel a little more awake.


Ginseng is a herb that's known far and wide for its natural energy-boosting properties! Boil it as a tea for an easy way to lift fatigue. It's good to note that this isn't recommended for pregnant women, however, especially if you're in your first trimester.

Maca Root

Maca is a plant from Peruvia that's great for giving you a boost when you're feeling tired. You can buy it in powdered form and blend with a smoothie or add to your oatmeal to feel instantly lifted!


A lot of people use turmeric when making curries, but did you know that it's great for boosting energy? The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, and this has been shown to fight tiredness and also improve your brain function.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are incredibly popular now and a well-recognized superfood! They're small berries that you can eat fresh or dried, and they're great for giving you a boost and helping your body function as it should. But, they can cause adverse reactions for those with diabetes and can interact with blood thinners, so speak to your doctor before eating them if you're worried.

Live Your Best Life

These natural energy boosts are great if you want to get more out of every day! Start living with your health in mind and watch your life be transformed.

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