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Pediatric Medicine: 5 Easy Ways to Get a Child to Take Medicine


"Open wide, there's an airplane coming!" Whether you're a parent or you simply remember being fed this way as a child, you're probably familiar with the airplane method of feeding.

As a parent, you've probably tried this method to get your child to take their pediatric medicine. If that hasn't worked very well for you, take comfort in the fact that there are other methods to try.

For five easy ways to get a child to take medicine, give this a read.

1. Be Positive

Your children taking their medicine starts with the right psychological approach. You, the parent, should have a positive attitude. While older kids respond to encouragement and reason, younger children are influenced by their parents' emotions.

Don't show any frustration you may have with your child's unwillingness to take their medicine. Rather, show nothing but patience, positivity, and encouragement.

2. Mix It in With Food

Give this classic method a try. Mixing your child's medicine in with food can almost trick your child into thinking that the medicine's not even there. In this way, you sneak it into the kid's mouth.

Most of the time, it's safe to open a capsule or crush a pill to disguise it in your child's favorite food. However, always ask your doctor before doing so. Crushing or opening a time-release medicine or other pills may alter them.

The child must eat all of their food to consume all of the medicine.

3. Skip the Tongue

Instead of trying to please the child's palate, avoid it altogether. Bypass the child's tongue by using a syringe or dropper to put the medicine to the side or back of the tongue.

Pinch your child's cheeks, use a medicine dispenser to put the medicine in the child's mouth, then stroke under their chin so they swallow before they can spit the medicine out. To prevent choking, ensure that the child is upright and firmly supported.

Blowing gently in their face also facilitates swallowing pills.

4. Deceive the Tongue

If you couldn't tell by now, the enemy in this situation is your child's tongue. Another weapon to use in your battle against it is deception.

Deceive it by deflecting the taste of the medicine. Give the child a Popsicle or another cold food before they take medicine. Or, coat the tongue with syrup.

After they take medicine, feed them sweets to wash the taste away.

5. The Last Resort

Your last resort is to have someone besides the parent take a shot. Kids can be more willing to take medicine from such a person.

If that doesn't work, get another caregiver to help you restrain the child by hugging them while they're wrapped in a blanket.

The Difficulties of Pediatric Medicine

Modern pediatric medicine is a cornucopia of scientific innovations. Our children can be healed and cared for like never before.

That doesn't mean they'll always want to receive the medicine. At a young age, they likely don't realize how taking medicine can help them feel better. They'll simply reject it because they don't like the way it tastes.

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