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Looking Ahead: 5 Amazing Stem Cell Technology Trends That Will Transform The Health Industry


Stem cell research was clouded by controversy when it first came to light towards the end of the last century. Funding for stem cell research was banned in 1991 because of the use of embryonic cells.

By 2006, scientists began using pluripotent stem cells. These are not derived from embryonic stem cells thus making them less controversial.

From stem cell technology for hair growth to stem cell technology in skincare, stem cell science is revolutionizing the way we treat diseases.

Are you familiar with the advances in stem cell research? Keep reading to learn how the future of stem cell technology is going to revolutionize science.

What is Stem Cell Technology?

Stem cell technology is one branch of medical research that studies human and animal stem cells. These cells which are naturally occurring are essential to the growth and regeneration of organisms.

Stem cells are different from other cells in that they do not have a specific purpose. They can become just about any cell the body needs.

The potential for these cells to be used to treat diseases that currently have no cure is why the field of stem cell technology is so promising.

5 Amazing Trends

Let's take a look at the latest in stem cell technology and how it has the potential to change our lives.

1. Stem Cell Treatment and Therapy

Blood stem cells are transplanted to treat diseases and at the same time help to improve the immune system. This type of treatment is also used to restore blood cells after one undergoes cancer treatment for certain types of cancer.

Another type of therapy uses skin stem cells to grow skin grafts for people who have burned large areas of their body.

2. Developing Drugs to Treat Disease

Studying stem cells helps scientists better understand certain diseases enabling them to focus in on what type of drug would be a good candidate for treating the disease.

3. Understanding Why Diseases Occur

Generated brain cells from stem cells of patients with neurological disorders help researchers study and understand why and how these diseases happen making it easier for them to come up with a treatment.

4. Regeneration of the Cornea

Researchers take tissue stem cells from the limbus of the eye and use them to repair corneal damage. Clinical trials show good results. The treatment is not only effective but safe for the patient.

5. Self Repair

Scientists are developing new biotechnologies that foster self-repair of tissues to improve or restore the function of tissues and organs that have been injured or destroyed.

Interested in learning more about how stem cells and stem cell therapy can improve whole-body health and wellness? Learn more here.

Stem Cell Technology

Now that you know the amazing stem cell technology trends, you can understand why this is such an exciting field of science and research. Researchers are looking forward to using stem cells in other areas like drug discovery and testing, for example.

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