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How to Feel Pretty: The Top Tips to Know

According to Dove's Choose Beautiful campaign, approximately 96% of women said that they wouldn't use the word "beautiful" to describe them. In addition to the beauty standards set by society, women put a lot of pressure on themselves to meet expectations for physical attraction.

Most women constantly wonder how to feel pretty.

If this applies to you, keep reading! This article will cover the best tips for how to make you feel pretty!


How to Feel Pretty: Minimize Social Media Exposure

One of the first tips for feeling pretty is minimizing exposure to social media. Social media negatively impacts self-esteem and body image. Instead, it encourages women to compare themselves to others and set unattainable beauty goals for themselves.

Even when a woman feels confident enough to post a picture, their feelings may change based on the number of likes or comments they receive. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, social media allows for immediate validation.

No woman will ever feel satisfied with her beauty if she's allowing others to determine her self-worth.

Focus on Assets Instead of Flaws

When thinking about how to look good, most women tend to focus on their flaws. By emphasizing one's flaws, it's easy to become consumed with fixing them. Instead, it's more beneficial to focus on the things you like about yourself.

This way, you can learn to accent your best features with clothes, makeup, and jewelry. With clothes, it's important to first determine body shape. Examples of body shapes include triangle, hourglass, apple, and rectangle. Women with an apple body shape can appear slimmer and taller by wearing high waisted clothing, or clothes with vertical stripe patterns.

The same effect can be achieved with makeup.

Women can make their eyes pop by accenting their eyebrows. They can also curl their eyelashes, and use eye shadow that complements their eye color. Accent the lips by choosing a lipstick that matches or complements the skin tone.

Lastly, wearing jewelry can make women feel pretty.

The right piece of jewelry can highlight a woman's best feature, or otherwise can be an expression of personality. It's helpful to read more about current jewelry trends to determine which jewelry works best for you.

Try a New Hairstyle

When women are wondering how to feel hot, changing up hairstyle might be worth a try.

A new haircut can redefine women. It can make them feel younger, or otherwise helps them express their identity. Women with thick, curly hair can be perceived as warm and fun. While a bob or short hairstyle may be synonymous with power or elegance.


One of the last tips for looking pretty is engaging in regular exercise. Exercise tones the body, and makes women feel strong and empowered. Furthermore, exercise releases endorphins which trigger feelings of happiness.

Living Empowered

There are many solutions for women wondering how to feel pretty. Ultimately, women need to do and wear what they want, and what makes them feel their best. More importantly, women need to take care of their bodies and be appreciative of all the things their bodies can do for them.

For more tips on how to make your body feel best, check out the rest of our site!

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