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Assistive Devices for Seniors

As a person ages, he or she will need several support in their daily activities. With age, they will develop different diseases and disorders like osteoporosis, hearing ailment, speech issues, weak eyesight, etc. As a result, they will need the help of certain assistive devices to help them. You can install these devices at your home so that the older residents can lead a normal life. Let us look into some of the assistive devices that proved to be beneficial for seniors. You can find most of these home care services in Toronto.

Activator poles

Most aged people find problems in movement. To help them in this aspect, activator poles have proven to be efficient. These poles help to increase mobility and balance. They also confer stability during their locomotion. People suffering from different conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease and related movement disorders take the help of these specialized poles. Activator poles are also recommended for patients who have recently undergone knee or hip surgery. These poles can support a lot of weight and has a bell-shaped tip for the patients to hold them correctly.

Hearing aids

Many aged people have experienced a loss of hearing. To help them in this matter, a hearing aid comes to the rescue. These machines are installed next to the ear and are connected with the eardrums. These machines catch all the sounds in the surrounding and deliver it to the patient’s ear. These machines are run on batteries, and the patient needs to change them regularly.

Reminder Rosie Alarm clocks that are recordable

For patients who suffer from memory loss, dementia or brain injury, remembering things will be problematic. This alarm clock is unique since it can be controlled by voice. As a result, the aged person can feed in different reminders for different times. They can also include the voice of their loved ones and brood over the memories with them. They can also set reminders for important tasks like timely intake of medicines, daily activities, changing batteries for hearing aids, etc. These machines do not have complicated buttons, and the agen person can control them easily.

Aged people requires a lot of attention. They require the same care that you show to your children. Help your aged relatives with these assistive devices so that they can have a normal life like yours. With your help, they can stay happy and healthy for the rest of their lives.

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