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6 Types of Massage Services You Can Avail in Mumbai


Do you often feel the need for a massage in Mumbai after a busy schedule? When life becomes busy, both your body and mind need some relaxation towards the end of the week. This especially applies to those who work for minimum 8 hours a day and are always under pressure. The best thing that you should do in the weekend is getting a massage. There are many types of massage in Mumbai that you can avail of as per your need.

This mostly depends on the intensity of the massage and the area where you get your massage done. If you've just come back from a marathon, a foot massage might work the best for you. After a really long week at work, you could probably like a Swedish massage. Let's take a look at all these types.

Back Massage

This is the most common area of massage people prefer as our work mostly strains our back. Covering the area from shoulders to the tail bone, getting a good back massage in hyderabad is easy because it’s high in demand. This is because most people in Mumbai have a desk job that strains this area the most.

Foot Massage

This is ideal for those of you who don't have a desk job, but have to move around a lot – like trekkers, physical trainers, or doctors. Since you walk around all day, traveling from place to place, there's a chance you would like to get your feet and calves pressed. We provide foot massage in thane for a very reasonable price, making it affordable for many other workers too.

Full Body Massage

When the week has been really stressful and tiring for you and what you need is a complete rejuvenation, you need a whole-body massage. Starting from the head to the toe, we provide a full body massage in Mumbai for 40-60 minutes on prior appointment basis. These may be relaxing or intense, depending on the strain you’ve been going through.

Swedish Massage

This is more of a relaxing massage that is meant to relieve you from stress. If you don’t really have body pain but have had a really tiring week, then you should look for a good Swedish massage in Mumbai for this Sunday. You would enjoy it more in a place where the ambiance is also very soothing and relaxing, with aroma candles and soft music.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you've been experiencing some strain in your back, shoulder or neck muscles, this is an appropriate massage for you. It is more intense and is meant to release all the knots on your muscles that cause stiffness and pain. You really need to look for a center providing deep tissue massage in Mumbai that has qualified and trained people to do so.

Sports Massage

This is a more intense and stronger version of deep tissue massage, meant for athletes and sportsmen. We have trained professionals providing this massage in thane who will not only provide you with an excellent relaxation therapy but will also advise you on how often you need a massage and how to take care of yourself.

Which One Would You Get?

There are actually many other types of massage that we do provide. The above 6 are just the most popular in demand.

Whenever you’re in need of a massage, there’s one thing you need to know – never go to a random therapist. The person who will be pressing your muscles needs to be trained and qualified enough to know what kind of intensity can you handle and what needs to be done to solve your problem.

If you're not sure what type of massage you need, that's OK as we can help you figure that out. Our therapists can suggest the type of massage that will suit you the best, depending on what you truly need – pain relief, stress relief, or a combination of both.

We have one of the finest massage centers in Mumbai, providing you with consultation as well as therapy to help you remain fit and calm. If you ever feel like calling someone to press your shoulders, you can consider dialing our number– we would be ready and happy to serve you!

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