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What Makes Spectrum Mobile One of the Best Cellular Networks in the Nation?

The demand for high-speed internet is ever growing and has slowly transformed into a necessity as compared to that of home telephone and cable television services, making the two services outdated. Charter Spectrum has identified this gap in the market and by launching its Mobile Service in the United States; the company is catering to the needs of the consumers for faster internet that is available throughout the nation.

What is Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum is one of the pioneers of gigabyte internet and has recently started offering access to 4G internet by collaborating with Verizon. It is no secret that having a home-basedhigh-speed internet isa must but what is one to do when they are on the move and not able to access the internet while not at home. Onthe 4thof September, Charter Communications announced its Mobile service, which is available to new and all existing Spectrum internet consumers.

Charter Spectrum 4G Internet

The introduction of two mobile-based internet packages allows the consumer to truly customize the way they wish to connect with the world. The expensive package of the two will run you about $45 per month and will grant unlimited mobile data for the entire month. The second package is more of a pay as you go service, focused on consumers who just need the bare minimum in terms of internet data, which costs $14 per GB of mobile data consumed per month. These packages are perfect for individuals who just need access to internet data and wish to avoid the hassle of having to sign up for a traditional mobile package with other entities that lock you into a contract or charge you absurd amounts if you happen to exceed the allocated mobile data every month.

We highly recommend the $45/month package since a metered connection will only result in you going over the allocated amount of data. Consumers will also be pleased to know that Spectrum Mobile comes with unlimited nationwide calling regardless of the data plan selected. For those that are cost-conscious and opt to select the per GB package, they will also get access to nationwide wireless hotspots so that they may conserve their 4G data.

Truly Cutting the Cord

Now we have all heard the phrase, “cutting the cord” and this is the case with the new service offered by Charter Spectrum. One could potentially get rid of their home internet service and simply fulfill their internet requirements via the 4G internet connection made available by the provider. However, this would only be applicable if you have already disconnected your home telephone and cable services. You could potentially consolidate your home and cellular internet services into a singular connection and obtain wireless freedom if you barely use cellular minutes, which has been made possible due to various applications such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Viber. So, sign up for Spectrum internet service today and get the opportunity to avail of Spectrum Mobile so you can stay connected to the web at all times.

The Downside of Cutting the Cord

There are a few drawbacks of cutting the cord and eliminating your home and telephone services in addition to your home internet connection. The first and foremost drawback would be the limited capacity of the device that would provide your home with 4Ginternet connectivity. These devices are only able to broadcast wireless signals at a short-range and would only be sufficient for a medium-sized apartment, any larger and you will find dead spots with extremely little to none wireless connectivity. These 4G devices are cable of being powered by a battery allowing you to take them with you on the go. However, the downside of traveling with these devices would be the fact that you would also be stripping any other residents in your household of the internet connection. The only scenario in which taking your 4G enabled device with you would work is if you happen to live by yourself or have no other member of your residence who happens to need access to the internet.

Spectrum Mobile Vs. Other Networks

The bottom line is that Spectrum Mobile services cannot be obtained on their own and require at least one other service to be rendered by Spectrum, which for most would be cable Internet. The simplest and most crucial of all facts is that the services being offered are the most cost-effective when compared to other service providers on a month-by-month basis especially when you compare the amount of data that you are getting. If you happen to be in the market for a new cellular device or smartphone then Spectrum Mobile is more than willing to finance a phone for you if the need arises. I once again would recommend that you steer clear of financing a device and purchase a cost-effective unit on your own that helps you in the long run.

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