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Top Questions About Clear AlignersThat You Should Know!


You can say you don’t want it or you don’t care, but you know you really do. Great teeth alignment makes a big difference in the way we look. However, many of us are afraid of the thought of having metal braces on their teeth!This is because many of us think that metal braces arepainful, uncomfortable and ugly. It makes us reconsider whether we really need to get our teeth realigned and readjusted. This is where clear aligners come in! So for those of you who want to get teeth's alignment fixed without the metal braces sticking out of your teeth, read on! We'll be talking the top questions about clear aligners!

And if you are thinking of getting clear aligners in Singapore but not sure which to choose you can also find out more information about the DifferencesBetween Popular Clear Aligners in Singapore!

So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the top questions regarding clear aligners!

Is Invisalign more expensive than the other clear aligner treatments?

 Yes, it is generally more expensive than other clear aligner treatments. Invisalign is one of the most trusted clear aligner treatments in Singapore. There are various reasons why Invisalign has been one of the top brands for clear aligners.

First, they have been around for a long time. They have over 20 years of research and experience to support its treatment. Second, they have a proven record of successful results from using their clear aligners. Third, it also offers a comprehensive treatment because it involves an orthodontist throughout the treatment journey, unlike some brands that expect patients to do maintenance and monitoring on their own.

If you are looking for a complete, premium clear aligner treatment, Invisalign might be the right choice. It is able to treat more complex cases and offers a more comprehensive treatment package. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a budget friendly alternative, Invisalign is not for you. 

Are aligners painful?

 As mentioned at the beginning of this article, clear aligners are like a prettier and more comfortable version of metal braces. This means that they aim to do the same thing, which is to realign your teeth. To do this, clear aligners will need to apply some pressure to the teeth. It will need to press onto your teeth to a certain degree so that it can gradually adjust its position over the treatment period. During this time, it will cause a level of discomfort and tension on the teeth. So, you might probably feel pain every time you change into new sets of aligners.

Can I bite down on my aligners?

 To make sure that the treatment is working the way that it should, try to stop yourself from biting down your aligners. It seems easier to just give in and bite down the aligners because we have something in our mouth, that is just our natural tendency. However, biting down on your aligners will cause unwanted pressure on the aligners. Let the aligners do their job so that you can get the result you want.

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