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Is one monitor enough for CFD Trading?

Trading sites switched to a widget-based model since the advent of technology. Multiple monitors help you to view and supervise numerous CFD trading components on a single screen - but that’s only for starters. Double or triple displays seem to make it a lot simpler to manage, whereas using too many monitors could be too much.

Dual monitor setup

Dual-monitor setups may support most traders that depend on a few stocks, futures, or forex pairs. This screen arrangement can be conveniently accomplished by utilizing an external monitor laptop or, of course, by attaching two separate monitors to a desktop computer.

Two monitors will be used for (1) chart software and (2) Order entry (or trading news).

It is recommended that two monitors of similar size be placed side by side. This helps make the laptop screen less than the optimal level for this application, but it can be used if necessary. If you're on a desktop computer, consider placing any of your apps on a bigger display, and make sure to place it at eye level to spare some of the neck discomfort in the future.

Triple monitor setup

When you exchange several commodities and want to drive across the market watching for activity, three screens will support you far better than two. Extra devices enable you to see more charts and monitor data feeds from places that track breakouts, trade configurations, and many more.

Three monitors will be used for (1) chart software, (2) order entry (or trading news), and (3) web pages, web pages, and other research purposes.

Meanwhile, you can also divide your setup strategically into three parts: left, center, and right. The left side of the monitor should display the market movers, high volume stocks, and the time and sales. Meanwhile, the right side of the monitor should show the next time frame you are trading.

The middle of the display will represent the primary time frame for CFD trading. Here, you’ll be able to see the stock status window as you run through the industry movers and the watch list. The central segment will occupy two thirds of the panel. We're offering more attention to the middle segment because that's where you need to focus your efforts.

What to Remember

When selecting your computer, you have a range of choices to choose from. Not only do you have a choice of brand, you also have to decide on the type of monitor. Monitors are available in the Plasmas, LCDs and OELDs. One of the most important things to remember is that you should get the one with a good resolution.

The trading instruments you are using need to be accurate and you don't need hundreds of charts that publish simultaneously. What you need is a tidy setup that's all built in.

Also, you should know what you intend to trade for the day.  You will need this to determine and track the stocks. It is also important to set the automatic warnings to reduce the workload on your part. Think of what that would do for you by decreasing the amount of mess in your trading method by focusing on one monitor at a time.
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