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Why you should buy cannabis from a dispensary and not dealers

There is a lot of stigmatization when it comes to cannabis products and as long as this stigma exists, the black market will always thrive. An unauthorized dealer will always find market for their product even where marijuana is illegal.

 Places like Colorado, California and others where cannabis is legalized are always flocked by all manner of dealers.  One of the reasons why the dealers thrive is the inconvenience and poor service in the few dispensaries.

However, research has shown that buying cannabis from a dispensary is the surest way of consuming the correct one that will give you desirable effects.

Why should you buy Cannabis products from a dispensary?


Cannabis dispensaries are regulated by the licensing government department. That means the dispensary must adhere to the laid out procedures of extraction, production and distribution. Before the product comes to the shelves, it must have been checked for quality.

Dealers, on the other hand, don’t know their product. They can’t offer any assurance that the product was properly extracted through CO2 extraction, purity, and cultivation and harvesting processes. They’re not even aware of the products, pesticides, and other chemicals that were used in farming.

The licensed cannabis Dispensary Open Late has a reputation to keep and state regulations to adhere to. For the dispensary to survive, it must have best quality of products and well trained budtenders.


Developing trust and a lasting relationship with a cannabis dispensary near you is easy. You may think you know the dealer or he/ she is your friend but the fact is, they are motivated more by the profit transaction and not really a motive to sustain a quality customer relationship.

Thus, you can only trust a dispensary whose existence is recognized and has a motive of growing through lasting relationships.


A good CBD dispensary will have a variety of CBD strains where you can choose from. They know the products in their inventory and can tell the concentration of each. They do their selection from the manufacturer based on the customer needs and will tell you the effects of each strain.

Thus, when selecting the product, they guide you on one that will give you desirable effects. The regulator of cannabis dispensaries audits the procedures and business flow. For the cannabis dispensary to be licensed, they must carry a selection of correctly labeled cannabis strains. They have all the products available for your choice and the appropriate apparatus and apparel.


When you’ve a reliable cannabis dispensary, you get the CBD product when you need it and if the dispensary carries what you need, then you’ve no need of a stash. You don’t have to worry about freshness, storage or variety, whenever you need it in the form you desire, you’ve got it.


You can’t buy weed from the dispensary without an Identity card and if you’re less than 21 years old. That helps you helping keeping weed away from teens and underage. It also creates an adult business which is less abused. For the dispensaries to stay afloat, they must serve you with respect as an adult

Choosing cannabis from a dispensary near you ensures that you get quality products that will give you the best results. The prices may be slightly higher but you get value for money. Dealers are only interested in your money and will sell you anything to achieve their selfish ambitions.
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