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Top 5 interesting natural fur facts

Admit it! You heard it at least once that you should never get a natural fur coat. And the main reason pointed out is that it is natural. But in fact, with so many regulations in place that support the well-being of animals, you can rest assured that the fur is achieved in the safest conditions.

If this got your interest, you should read on! We share the top five interesting natural fur facts to check out before you look at the latest Aria Moda fur coats. We bet you will fall in love with their collection!

1. There are numerous types of fur on the market

If you take the time to check the collection at Aria Moda, you will discover that natural fur coats come in different shapes and sizes. Starting with the fur type and ending up with its color, the options are numerous. For example, some of the bestseller natural coats are the ones made from mink or fox fur. Chinchilla fur is one of the most expensive, along with rabbit and sable fur.

2. You can wear your natural fur coat all year-round

Did you know that you can wear a real fur coat at any time? Well, even though it is a common belief that fur coats are designed for the cold season, there are plenty of lightweight natural fur coats that can be worn no matter the season. Besides, you can always opt for a fur vest, which is both stylish and comfortable.

3. You can restyle your old fur coat into other items

In time, when your fur coat will get damaged beyond repair, you can restyle it. Yes, you read that, right! Natural fur coats are so versatile that they can be transformed into different items or accessories if needed. So, you can restyle it and continue to enjoy it in a distinct form. Hats, gloves, or purses can benefit from a beautiful natural fur addition.

4. Natural fur coats are a lifetime investment

The most interesting fact about real fur coats is that their value increases in time. So, you can look at this as an investment. You can buy original fur today and sell it with a profit in the years to come. But in order to increase its market value, you should pay close attention to natural fur maintenance tips. For example, adequate storage and professional cleaning are a must to keep it in the best conditions.

5. Natural fur coats last a lifetime

Lastly, but not the least interesting, natural fur lasts a lifetime. You can look at them as a type of legacy since it might end up with your kid or grandkid. Of course, you will have to store it adequately and focus on good care. But natural furs are meant to last a lifetime, and you should make the best out of this investment.

The bottom line

These are the top five most interesting natural fur facts you need to know. These versatile items are a nice addition to any wardrobe and can transform any outfit into something fantastic. All you need to do is choose an adequate style and color for you!
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