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Is the Gynecomastia treatment is common for all age people?

Gynecomastia or man boob surgery is opted by men who have excess skin or fat accumulated around their chest, which sometimes give impression of feminine boobs thus causing much embarrassment and negative self perception among the patients suffering from it.

Men suffering from this condition usually face embarrassment and ridicule lifting off their shirt in public settings like while swimming, mating with partners, among family members, in the locker room and beaches etc.

Man boobs can occur during puberty due to abnormal growth of estrogen also referred as female hormone among men. Usually through proper physical exercise and proper diet these abnormalities are corrected while they achieve full growth but sometimes the excess fat sticks and remain even during adult phase of life. This condition can also occur during later stages of life due to various medical conditions and lifestyle choices. Common factors for occurrence of man boobs in male population can be following:-

Medical Conditions:- Medical conditions and diseases like depression, anxiety, stress, imbalance in hormonal growth, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, blood pressure, heart problems, hypothyroid and certain medications given for treatment of various diseases can have side effects which may lead to hormonal imbalance and growth of man boobs.

Lifestyle: - Lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol consumption, certain drugs and steroid abuse can also cause gynecomastia. Apart from that obesity, sedentary lifestyle and junk food is also cause of this problem to some extent.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to live with this problem for a lifetime as there are many treatments available for gynecomastia.

The most commonly used nowadays are liposuction techniques which are safest and cause minimal nerve and tissue damage. Due to advancement in technology modern liposuction cause minimal bleeding and leaves virtually no scars post surgery. You can go home the same day post surgery and resume work within a couple of days. A minor incision is done in the lower chest or nipple area and fat and glandular tissue is sucked out in gentle way in moderate quantity so that you can attain a smooth, masculine and firm chest with no visible loose fat. Advanced procedures like 3d liposuction techniques can also help you attain a well build, muscular chest with high muscular definition and smooth curvature.

In initial procedure fat is removed in moderate quantity along with some glandular tissue. Some of the fat and glandular tissue is left behind to avoid disfigurement of skin and depression in chest. Local anesthesia is given to cause numbness and to avoid pain and discomfort during the procedure. Later post surgery patient is suggested to gently massage his chest twice or thrice a day to avoid lumps and spread out skin evenly on the chest region.

Gynecomastia surgery through liposuction is a safe procedure but is highly recommended to opt for well experienced and qualified surgeon who has been performing these surgeries on a regular basis. Check for kind of hospital infrastructure, positive reviews, before and after photos and latest equipment and machinery available with the hospital and a thorough discussion with the doctor so that he can tell you what will be your gynecomastia treatment cost depending on the procedure, your goals and current condition.

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